SPS hard to care? Think again!

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Recently "Fabianlkp" show to everyone on the Malaysia Marine Club that SPS coral not as hard everyone think to care. With a energy saving bulb (24W), skimless and without chiller (temp aroun 29-30C), he manage to grow and make the coral stand out!

Anyway this is not for everyone, he has what it takes to make this successful. I believe he strongly understand what he do. I think the best thing he manage to keep his tank ultra low nutrient! which is i believe is the key of his success. Anyway for more reading please refer to this post at chuisui. This is just impressive!

Major TT at Oceanic 9 Jan 2011

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There will be Malaysia Marine Club TT next year. The location, date and time as follow

Date: 9 Jan 2011
Time: 9.30 am
Location: Oceanic Puchong

For more information please refer this chuisui topic. I think i can make it this time cause its just nearby :D. Anyway if anyone need the location map please refer to this post.

Some ideas why aquarium hobby

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Maybe a good vid to show why we like it :D

Happy Birthday Nur Ariana

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Happy Birthday to my beloved daughter Nur Ariana 12 Dec. ;)

Citizen of the Sea

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Research more than 10 years by more than two thousand scientist from countries across the world has been booked by National Geographic book, Citizens of the Sea.

 To checkout the other's reviews bout the books, please refer to amazon website, or need to know more about the books check out NatGeo Website.
Just coming back from GV Marine Puchong, they are very busy unpacking new fishes from indon. There are a lot of blue tang, nemo, some angels, some butterfly fish etc etc. Not spend much time to look around for the fishes cause i'm more interested with coral shipment at the moment. For more info bout the lastest shipment please refer to this thread.

There also still have a lot of clams, sea horse, and mini anemone available. If u need a map direction to GV Aquarium please refer to this post.

My tank view

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Been lazy to take picture of the tank since the camera always take a blue pic even already set the white balance. Since the bulb is almost expired, so i'm taking this opportunity to change a blue bulb to a white. Tadaaa .. now its easier dun have to susah payah setting the white balance, the auto will do already. But too bad the tank is not so nice and algae all over the glass. Anyway its ok i think, the schedule maintenance just around the corner. ;)

Anyway, the reading for important thing like NO3, Ammonia and PO4 all undetected (Sera test kits)

Malaeka Sofea

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Anak sedara baru! yeah! ... my sister's first born child. Little cute girl always smile ;)

World most amazing reef tank!

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Recently found this site which featured several famous reef tanks around the world. Most of the owner/tank already well known to most of the reefer. So i believe no introduction is needed.

The site have a lot of features which is quite useful for the visitors. As for example, checkout their system profile.. it may give some ideas how these great tank has been manage etc etc. Anyway i like the gallery the most...featuring all wonderful life stock in the aquarium. Go checkout yourself visit http://www.amazingreeftanks.com

Visiting GV again...

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Since i'm not able to check on the last shipment, so i pay them a visit today after sending my wife. There is another fish shipment for today! Finally there are copperband that i really needed! If not mistaken there are only 2 of them, after i left only left 1 :D There are also a lot other fishes too, naso, butterfly, moorish, anthias and bla bla bla.

Beside that, they also have anemone shipment and the boss said they will have another shipment of anemone tomorrow (i believe its a tube anemone since he said, the anemone stay in the sand bed and small).

Other than new fishes, there still a lot of the previous shipment left. I like the lion fish but sadly its not suitable for my tank ;). They also still have a tank of green gonipora.

And the suprise part, finally they clean up the dark side of the shop :D ... expect more stock will be added soon. I'm happy for them finally they upgrading their shop. Hope they will have a better business after this.

Back from Terengganu

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Safe return after spend bout a week at my hometown. Bit worried before going back cause i dun have the auto feeder, lucky EHEIM has replace my auto feeder to a new one. Good for me and the fishes ;)

I was lucky not forgot to check my auto top off water switch. Anyway thanks to my wife she forgot to bring her notebook so have to return to home while i took that time to check the aquarium equipment one more time. I forgot that i was off the pump while doing the water changed... lucky! otherwise the tank water level will drop and increase the salinity...and will be follow with other not so good thing! As other precaution, i also get my neighbor to look around my house if got electric trip. Since i dun have backup power, it is important to ask someone to look the aquarium. Other than i'm not worried much.

While in Terengganu, i was visiting one of the LFS around my area. My wife wanted a new aquarium again? hmmm .. the 2 footer with steel stand cost only RM22. Lucky it will be troublesome to bring home otherwise i have to bought that .. heheh. The life stock not so much interesting, got several anemone and other soft coral, the owner told got a new shipment next week. So those in that area might wanna check that. The shop is at Hiliran, opposite mosque.

The most enjoy moment for my kids will be mandi pantai session. Since Pantai Batu Buruk not suitable for "mandi pantai", we went to Pantai Pandak Cendering. Too bad my favorite stall "Sotong celup tepung" not opened that day. Since the stall closed, my mom fried "sotong celup tepung" for us .. nyum nyum nyumy.

We also went to a new sea food restorant near my mom's house. The food is good, and the price is the cheapest so far. Too bad i forget the restorant's name... the name its like "T'Sea Food" or "T' Live Sea Food". The restorant located at Kuala Hiliran or Losong, just before "Keropok Losong" stretch and just beside Sungai Terengganu. The view is not so bad, can watch colorful Masjid Crystal at night from there.

We will back back for more fun next time ;)

GV New Fishes Arrival (Philipine)

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Quite a long list for a new arrival ;)

1 Anemone bubble
2 Anemone sebae
3 Anemone tube colored
4 Angel Banded angel Centropyge multifasciatus
5 Angel Bicolor angel Centropyge bicolor
6 Angel Blue koran angel Pomacanthus semicirculatus
7 Angel Coral beauty angel Centropyge bispinosus
8 Angel Flag fin angel Apolemichthys trimaculatus
9 Angel Gray poma angel Chaetodontoplus melanosoma
10 Angel Half black angel Centropyge vroliki
11 Angel Imperator angel-juv (m) Pomacanthus imperator
12 Angel Queen angel Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus
13 Angel Rusty angel Centropyge ferrugatus
14 Angel Six barred angel Euxiphipops sextriatus
15 Angel Yellow angel Centropyge heraldi
16 Angel Yellow tail poma angel Chaetodontoplus cyanopunctato
17 Anthias Square anthias Pseudanthias pluerotaenia
18 Anthias Sunburst anthias Serranocirrhitus latus
19 Anthias Truncato anthias Paranthias truncato
20 Basslet Diadema basslet Pseudochromis diadema
21 Batfish Pinnatus batfish Platax pinnatus
22 Betta marine fish Calloplesiops altivelis
23 BF Auriga butterfly Chaetodon auriga
24 BF Black & white heniochus Heniochus acuminatus
25 BF Brown heniochus butterfly Heniochus varius
26 BF Burgis butterfly Chaetodon burgessi
27 BF Chelmon butterfly Chelmon rostratus
28 BF Diamond butterfly Hemitaurichthys polylepis
29 BF Eight banded butterfly Chaetodon octofasciatus
30 BF Falcula butterfly Chaetodon falcula
31 BF Klenny butterfly Chaetodon kleini
32 BF Lunula butterfly Chaetodon lunula
33 BF Moorish idol Zanclus canescens
34 BF Musk heniochus Heniochus monocerus
35 BF Plebious butterfly Chaetodon plebius
36 BF Punctato butterfly Chaetodon punctatofasciatus
37 BF Raflessie butterfly Chaetodon raflessie
38 BF Saddleback butterfly Chaetodon ehippium
39 BF Yellow longnose butterfly Forcifiger flavissimus
40 Blenny Rock/algea blenny Salarias fasciatus
41 Blenny Spot tail blenny Ecsenius stigmatura
42 Blenny Starry blenny Salarias ramosus
43 Box fish Ostracion cyanurus
44 Cardinal Spotted cardinal fish Sphaeramia nematoptera
45 Chromis Green chromis Chromis viridis
46 Clown African clown Amphiprion sebae
47 Clown Maroon clown Premnas biaculeatus
48 Clown Orange skunk clown Amphiprion akallopisos
49 Clown Percula clown Amphiprion ocellaris
50 Clown Pink skunk clown Amphiprion perideraion
51 Clown Saddleback clown Amphiprion polymnus
52 Clown Tomato clown Amphiprion frenatus
53 Cow fish longhorn Lactoria cornuta
54 Damsel Blue Chrysiptera cyanea
55 Damsel Domino damsel Dascyllus trimaculatus
56 Damsel Four stripe damsel Dascyllus melanurus
57 Damsel Gregory damsel Paraglyphidodon chrysiptera
58 Damsel Pink damsel Neopomacentrus species
59 Damsel Red honey damsel Dischistodus prosoptaenia
60 Damsel Yellow tail blue damsel Chrysiptera hemicyanea
61 Feather duster worm
62 Flame scallop
63 Fox face Lo vulpinus
64 Fox face Lo vulpinus
65 Goby Blue spotted goby Chryptocentrus leptocephalus
66 Goby Fire fish goby Nemateleotris magnifica
67 Goby Flame goby Nemateleotris decora
68 Goby Green mandarin goby Pterosynchiropus splendidus
69 Goby Pink & blue spot goby Chryptocentrus species
70 Goby Randal goby Amblyeleotris randalli
71 Goby White goby Valenciennea puellaris
72 Goby Yellow watchman goby Chryptocentrus cinctus
73 Hard tube worm
74 Hawkfish Ark eye hawkfish Paracirrhites arcatsu
75 Hawkfish longnose Oxycirrhitus typus
76 Hawkfish Spotted hawkfish Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus
77 Lionfish Black peack lionfish Pterois volitan
78 Lionfish Dwarf lionfish Dendrochirus zebra
79 Lionfish Dwarf lionfish Dendrochirus zebra
80 Lionfish Red peacock lionfish Pterois volitan
81 Parrotfish Bicolor parrot fish Cetoscarus bicolor
82 Parrotfish Bicolor parrot fish Cetoscarus bicolor
83 Parrotfish Green parrot fish Scarus bleekeri
84 Puffer Dog face puffer Arothron negropunctatus
85 Puffer valentini Valentini canthigaster
86 Sea apple
87 Sea apple
88 Shrimp skunk-cleaner
89 Slugs Sea hare slugs
90 Snapper Red emperor snapper Lutjanus sebae
91 Spotted grunt Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides
92 Starfish Sand starfish
93 Starfish Sand starfish
94 Sweetlips Yellow line sweetlips Plectorhinchus albovittatus
95 Tang Brown tang Zebrasoma scopas
96 Tang Brown tang Zebrasoma scopas
97 Tang Leniatus tang Acanthurus leniatus
98 Tang Sailfin tang Zebrasoma veliferum
99 Tang Shoulder tang adult (l) Acanthurus olivaceous
100 Tang Yellow tang Acanthurus pyroferus
101 Trigger Black trigger Odonus niger
102 Trigger Blue face trigger-male Xanthichthys auromarginatus
103 Trigger Bursa trigger Rhinecanthus verrucosus
104 Trigger Clown trigger Balistoides conspicillum
105 Trigger Humu-humu trigger Rhinecanthus aculeatus
106 Trigger Pink tail trigger Sufflamen albicaudatus
107 Trigger Undulated trigger Balistapus undulatus
108 Wrasse Christmas Halichoeres ornatissimus
109 Wrasse Cleaner wrasse Labroides dimidiatus
110 Wrasse Eight line wrasse Pseudocheilinus species
111 Wrasse Leopard wrasse Macropharyngodon meleagris
112 Wrasse Marble wrasse Halichoeres hortulanus
113 Wrasse Red wrasse-adult Coris gaimard
114 Wrasse Six line wrasse Pseudocheilinus hexataenia

My kids and tank

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Most people will have perception that having kids and tank is a problem. They believe their kids will do "their work" on tank. But i believe it a good way to educate them, at least let them see while it last ehhehe...

So far there was only once, the bad thing they pour all the fish food in the tanks while the good thing is just a small tank that hold my wife's freshwater fish. Too bad for her... all the fishes died because of the over feed. Anyway its a good lesson for them, cannot give that much of food! since then they never do that again...

As for my marine tank, so far they at least know what the skimmer does... but do u? ehhhehe they also never bother the fishes or the corals. They only thing they do just ask and ask... what is this and what is that, what do they eat etc etc... i'm trying to explain in a very simple word like "this is where fish waste collected" or "this is snail, they help cleaning the glass" of course so far i'm not really explain to them this is LPS coral .. this soft coral etc ... that is not something that will make them interested anyway.

In short, i want them have another thing to watch beside cartoon after one another. but so far i dun know how to make them love what i'm doing :P ... that doesn't bother me .. so i dun care! As long as they know how to appreciate these lovely creatures .. its more than enough for me ;)

Super smelly skimmate

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Arghhh .. not sure when this thing become super smelly like this, been using air freshener so, not really aware of that. Dunno how to describe the smell but its more like carpet basah ... haha.. so i tot it was my daughter fault! Poor them, the main culprit was from skimmer's waste collector. Not really sure why its become smelly like that.

I think the main reason for the smelly because of the bio pellet waste, i hope that the only cause. Been trying other culprit but there is none other that. So now its time for a solution for the problem. I'm not really have any idea how to remove the smell other than keep it always clean. Its sure will become a problem for me to keep clean the collection cup and waste collector.

But for now, i already clean both collection cup and waste collector. Cleaning a waste collector is not a problem even its everyday, but for collection cup its not really something i was eager to look for. Even tho i already clean it twice a month, i think its just not enough.

Anyway, i already put some carbon into the sump. Even tho i believe this will not really help reduce the smell, i just hope at least make my maintenance easier. At least i dun have to clean a collection cup in every week!

Well let see how long this will last... and i hope the smell/gas is not dangerous.

Aquafair Malaysia 2010

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Aquafair Malaysia 2010 will be held from 25-28 November 2010 about 2 weeks from now.

I'm never been there before, so i hope this time i'll take this opportunity to go. Anyway i'm not really sure bout that yet cause the timing not quite right for me.

Anyway for those who are interested, it will be held at KL Convention Center, Malaysia. As far everyone know, its very to go there either by LRT or own transport etc. I'm not sure if there any cost for entry, hope its free .. anyway if there is any i believe its will be very cheap! so no worries ;)

And those who are available and willing be a part of Malaysia Marine Club volunteer at their booth, register yourself at chuisui.com forum.

Other than that, enjoy yourself there!

Dah tua agaknya

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Since the start its been a good day for me... nothing is tiring bout climb and down stairs to do coral placement etc.

Recently i did some coral placement which is takes bout several days to finish. Yeah i'm feel like a old man already! moving a small piece from another rock to another takes a lot of energy. Finding its suitable to be place at new position is just another thing.

Actually is just about 4/5 pieces, the reason for the move only to make the right island free of other coral except SPS. By the way im only have 2 small SPS frags to take the whole space. So without in hurry mode this is something need to be done before i put more corals. Yes my target simply a mix coral tank! Its may take more than a year to have several more SPS to be added tho.

For a start i'll not bother bout the SPS coloration, as long as it has a good growth is good enough. I'm prefer to take a baby step each time and learn rather than jump. So i do expect the SPS will be brownish a bit before the next step.

Time to buy NP Biopellets again

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Bought 500ml NP biopellet along with other thing yesterday. I thought only Macallum Aquarium have the promotion, but i was wrong ;) .. Oceanic also have the same promotion with the same price as seen on here (malaysia marine club forum). Since i'm happy with the result, i'm not really mind paying. So far its take several months until to next refill so for me its quite cheap also.

Anyway i think, this product have promotion in all other LFS... just try to ask them if they have the same promotion. If not just contact those who have the promotion... save a lot compare to normal price in several months back. I think they'll happy to courier to you location.

Mag-Flip cleaning my tank :D

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Bought a new glass cleaner today since the old glass cleaner seem like not really effective anymore but i think its more like dun have another choice but have to. Since i not really buy this everyday, i opt for Mag Flip, at least its got 2 functions.

After trying it out... i can say its good enough to clean the glass like the others but for scrapper part its better than other glass cleaner. Anyway razor blade will be much better for removing green patch on the glass. Its doesn't have any problem to remove coraline.

The other thing i like bout this glass cleaner, its has small magnet on the dry part and big on wet part. Its looks like not really important but for me its important cause by having that, its can easily can access hidden part below my wooden canopy. So the cleaning work will be more effective.

Other than that, the irritating part, its just not floating when detach! so its a bit problematic to move it from one side panel to another. Even tho its not very big problem, its just irritating whenever i want to clean the back panel.

Overall i like it ;)

Maintanace only mode

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Nothing much to update on this site nowadays, everything is just a normal weekly water change only. What i'm doing right now just maintain whatever i have right now.

Last week my auto feeder broken! send to repair/warranty already. As for now feeding just a manual just an old days ;) Other than that, i'm tried another cheaper fish food, hikari pellet. The smell of the food is very obvious every time open the container... hmm i wish the feeder will do the job for that :D ... anyway the fishes love it.

The nuisance aiptasia coming back... the only thing i can do for now just nuke it with Aiptasia X. Anyway this solution just a temporary, it will grow back after sometime. I wish i have copperband butterfly now... i dun really think any chemical product can compare with this fish for the effectiveness removing the aptasia. But too bad so far i cant find it in any of LFS.

The NP biopellet need to be refill and yet have to buy ;) ... to be honest i love this product. The best product so far since i involve with the marine world. Keep both NO3 and PO4 in check without much effort is something cool.

Since i'm only have one hermit crab, i also added 4 new turbo snails. Been without snails for long already. Hope this time these new snail will doing fine.


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Finally powder brown tang died from white spot disease, day before that...it was free from that parasite .. dunno what happened but the parasite its back on the night ... later died on the following day...

The aiptasia is coming back! something that i really hate. This time, they are more compare than before. Nothing much i can do about that, finish up half a bottle Aiptasia X on them. I think this was related to poor skimmer performance. Time to upgrade? not sure cause the next better skimmer for me cost a lot :D... so as for now let it be 1st. Other causes like PO4 or NO3 is almost impossible right now, cause both undetected since NP Biopellet running in this tank.

Other that, im buying my 2nd SPS coral ... just a small frag. Anyway my intention just to see if they can thrive in my tank. So far they are doing ok i think, this new coral been added bout a week. If this coral doing ok within several months, i might consider to adding more SPS.I might consider adding activated carbon for later to do another job for me .. .chemical warfare going to happen...yeah... maybe later will need to do some coral arrangement too... lets see if what will happen to this coral first.

How to clean Lion Fish?

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If anyone terasa nak makan lion fish, please refer to steps below:
  1. Heat neutralizes the toxins in the lionfish. If possible apply heat to venomous dorsal spines before cleaning.
  2. Remove the dorsal spines along the back of the fish by cutting into the flesh along each side of the row of spines. After loosening, pry them off. Some find a strong pair of kitchen scissors or tin snips to be easier to accomplish this.
  3. Remove the anal and pelvic spines by cutting from the base.
  4. Remove remaining fins.
  5. Scale the fish; they are small and easily removed.
  6. Gut and fillet the fish as usual.
  7. Dispose of spines so they do not present a hazard to others. Burn if possible.
  8. Season and cook per your preferences.
If you are wonder why these lion fish become a prey, refer this link for more reading.

Kisah aquarium

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Lama tak update @ citer sorang sorang. Banyak benda berlaku dalam sebulan nih.. ada yang best dan ada yang tak best.

Start dari open house dulu, seperti yang dijangka soalan sama akan ditanya. So jawapan agak samalah yang dapat. Tapi kali nih malas nak jawap dan matikan semua soalan tu dengan "tak payahlah nyusahkan je" tapi tak der lah jawap cam tu kat semua orang ... yang mana mana macam betul betul nak tau terangkan je lah kat derang... tapi agak boring terangkan benda sama kat orang yang sama tiap tahun .. hahahaha

Cerita ikan yang baru beli "powder brown tang" pulak, so ikan nih dengan jayanya menjangkitkan white spot kepada semua tang yang lain dalam aquarium tu. Yang lagi best dia dah sihat walafiat.. yang lain berbintik bintik macam campak putih ... hehehe. So far tak der apa yang nak bimbang pasal tu semua still ok dan tak teruk mana.

NP biopellet pulak rasanya adalah satu benda yang paling berbaloi tahun nih... setakat ni NO3 and PO4 maintain undetected ... so bagus lah... cuma biopellet makin hari makin kurang (macam tinggal kelongsong aje) so sediakan duit tuk top up benda tu lagi .. hehehe

Skimmer pulak macam tak berapa best .. rasa macam nak upgrade/downgrade? tak sure apa term... tapi macam nak tukar dari beckett kepada cone .. nungkin skimz tapi sekarang pocket amatlah tidah merestui kalau nak beli tu ... hehehe .. so layan jek apa yang ada

ATO (automatic top off) working great, sekarang bersama dengan KH. So sekarang KH maintain 8-9 dkh. Salah satu benda yang simple tapi memberi banyak manfaat setakat nih... yang penting murah dan senang nak buat.

Stupid mistake ...

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Been wondering why some of the coral specially brain coral not opening since couple months back. I'm not sure if this silly mistake was the culprit causing me lost my 1st coral(green bubble coral) but I've been checking all other parameter except salinity and always used my default ratio on salt water mix during water change.All other parameter (not including Ca and Mg) are ok.

This "default ratio" which i have been practiced quite sometime almost make me lost everything. This is related to slow increase salinity in every water changes. I just lucky not realise after all gone.

To cut story short, i was checking bout the water level regarding ATO (auto top off) and the effect of salinity. Bang!!! its off the chart!! No time wasted i just quickly doing water changed. Anyway I'm not decrease it in once short hopefully to avoid further coral stress. As for now the salinity is sg 1.026 ... will doing more water changes to lower it down to 1.023.

Conclusion don't ignore simple thing cause it can cost me dearly :D

Ikan: Powder brown Tang

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Just added new fish yesterday ... probably the last fish will go into this tank.

As for now already have 4 tangs inside my tank, i think its more than enough. All the fishes almost the same size.

Since entering tank its effected with white ich, its related to stress i believe. Since its a new member.. other tang organize orientation week LOL... been chasing around by scopas tang.

So far its not having any injuries or what so ever .. so its cool. Anyway this new fish still not taking any food given, again believe because of stress. Hope it will ok soon.

Quick fact bout Powder Brown Tang:

Min Tank Size: 70 gallons
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Reef Compatible: With Caution
Water Conditions: 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.020-1.025
Max. Size: 8"
Color Form: Red, Tan, Yellow
Diet: Herbivore
Compatibility: View Chart
Origin: Indian Ocean

Info and image courtesy of LiveAquaria
Ok guys... seem a lot of tank owner sometimes confuse with his "tank personality"... guess you should know about that before doing anything harm, unnecessary, useless and waste of time and money bla bla bla...

Please check out this post on Mr Saltwater and please don't waste money and effort on fish only tank... and do more reading! think about it, why u need all those thing and what benefit to your tank. I know you have a lot of money, but putting 22" rims to your kancil doesnt seem right isnt it? It same to your tank ... keep it simple

Good luck!

Great tank "A reef in the Sky"

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Another great build tank... well planning and execute and the most important of all its super nice result ;) For more info about his journey please refer here

About us.. people like me =D

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Feel free to enjoy the video from Mr Saltwater Tank video "Why You Need a Saltwater Fish Tank"

Carbon Dosing in aquarium

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This is very good reading for carbon dosing in aquarium. Its also give some understanding about how its works and the effect.

Probiotic methodologies are not for everyone, and are not without risks. They generally require careful monitoring of abiotic parameters, and, in the case of some commercial systems at least, can be considered somewhat expensive. However, with a slow and incremental approach, and careful husbandry, these systems are an extremely effective means of controlling dissolved nutrient levels in the marine aquarium.
I completely agree on his conclusion where this method not for everyone and not for every aquarium. More or less do not change the method/path too many times. Pick one and stay with it at least 2 months! and most important do more reading. Below shown the table for commercial probiotic product, all the solid polymer producer does not come with any bacteria source. So for a starter it recommended to add bacteria source to boost bacteria population.

image from coralmagazine-us.com

The complete article about this can be refer in here...

Lawak IE9

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Lawak terbaru dari Microsoft dengan mengeluarkan ads yang mengandungi gambar sebelah.

Ikan laga siam dalam reef tank!! dan yang lagi teruk ada coral lagi dalam tu... ikan nih leh abis kan semua coral tu kejap jek. Seperti yang di ketahui ikan laga tidak sesuai dalam reef tank... agak nya kalau dalam fish only tank pon tak sesuai nanti jadi makanan kepada ikan yang lagi besar .. ehehhe

Walau bagaimana pon, agak nya begitulah hasil IE 9 nanti ... merosakkan segala yang ada kat pc tu sebab langsung tak sesuai ... haahha... so say no to IE 9 LOL

Back from holiday

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Been away for 1 week from last week. As usual... the first first thing will be aquarium. My wife a bit shocked to see lot of green algae appear on one side of the glass. I'm not surprise anyway cause it was related to 24 hours light nearby the side of aquarium.

Just doing quick check for fish and coral. Everything is fine... so its cool. The next thing need to check water level in sump, its a bit lower than it suppose to be! its related to micro bubble attach to float switch which prevent it to trigger at the right level. Not a big deal anyway.

Then next thing it will be nice to say hi to my neighbour. Seem all of them enjoyed the traffic during holiday LOL. Lucky this year its my wife turn so no headache for that. And Nieja thanks for coming to the airport. If my memory is right, you are bigger than that before!!! thanks

A bit of NP Bio pellet update for 2nd month, finally the NO3 test kit showing undetected! Not sure what happened while i was away, but skimmer waste collector is half full with very dark skimmate.

Other than that, will be doing schedule aquarium maintenance tomorrow. Its nice to be back!

New top off water installed

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Just install my balik kampung water top off :D... been test several times to make sure its working fine. Before this just using simple drip method to top up water during holiday, but this time create better water top off using float switch.

It not so call complicated to build anyway. What i need just a float switch, cheap pump and water container.

For a float switch i opt for this:

For more info about this switch, can refer to this link . For a pump, I dun think pump selection important here, the most important for me is water container. In case of switch not working correctly, water will overflowing into my house!. So to overcome this, top off water container/volume is important. I'm using not so big water container, just enough for my vacation period. BUT i hope switch will working fine.

Aquarium preparation for vacation

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Cuti cuti raya coming up.. so what need to do before leaving on long vacation?

As for me, the first thing need to do is water change, its just 1 day early my normal water change that should be ok. During this time, normally i do pump cleaning, bulb cleaning etc together. So if something goes wrong i can detect it earlier.

Blackout is the most scary part, so far i dun have any solution for this yet. I might consider backup battery on the later stage. Dun have money yet hehehe..

Thing for malfunction chiller while on vacation sometime is out of control, not sure how to overcome thing beside put another chiller on standby. Other than that just pray everything will be ok. Anyway chiller will not suddenly broken... normally it will produce loud sound or taking too long to lower the temp.

And lastly maybe an auto top off water. It doesn't matter what method but its a must. For my case even tho not using fan to cool down water, water level in sump surely drop more than half of original volume, if not careful its going to kill my pump by overheating. Sure its not a good thing. I'm still waiting for new switch ordered to reach for my top off system... lambat laa plak. If any of u interested ready made which is cost bout RM 75. For more info refer to this link but not sure if stock still available.

On the other precaution, maybe can prepare saltwater mix before leaving. It will help if anything happen after back from holiday.

So basically the main thing need to check/clean
  • Water change
  • pump and bulb cleaning
  • auto feeder battery
  • possible leaking
  • auto top off
Other than that, enjoy your vacation.. get a life! and dun think much bout your aquarium LOL

Aquarium maintenance cost?

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Soklan boring nak jawap dan biasanya adalah soklan faveret. In general, tak kira penambahan hidupan dalam aquarium dan hanya melibatkan cost nak jaga iaitu letrik, bulb replacement ... cost lebih kurang cam nih (ni base on aku punya lebih kurang)

1) Letrik (harga divide 2 dari total, senang kira) - RM 70/monthly
2) Garam - RM 150/ 5 months = RM30
3) T5 (assume tukar 8 bulan sekali) - RM 100/8 month(100 paling mahal) = RM 12.50
4) Food (depend bagi makan apa, yang mahal nya liquid food) - RM 10/monthly

So Total lebih kurang = 70 + 30 + 12.50 + 10 => RM 132.50

cost ni depend kepada:
1) Jenis hidupan + jumlah
2) jenis lampu dan bilangan ( ni je lah kot yg makan letrik pon)
3) besar aquarium
4) tak ngada ngada nak try benda benda baru .. heheh

Tapi berapa pon costnya, tak penting sangat. Yang paling penting enjoy dan tak nyusahkan diri sendiri .. ehhehe

Duit lagi ...

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Tengah best layan tido tengahari tetiba panas semacam jek... rupanya blackout daa. Ingat kan satu taman blackout. Dengan rasa diri hebat try tengok main suiz .. rupa nya sini off .. memang laa tak der letrik.

So try laa on .. dengan pantas dia off balik ... ampess confirm ada yg short circuit nih .. so 1st thing yg try mati kan suiz aquarium... selepas try on .. nampak nya aquarium yg buat hal ...

Setelah dibelek belek ... benda yg rosak nampak nya return pump. Since ada Rio HF 32 yg lama, try laaa pasang, mana tau leh jimat duit .. hheh.. nampak nya buang masa aje try pasang semua tu .. rio pon boleh blah.

Setelah gagahkan diri kejap .. tros gi Oceanic dan tak banyak cerita skip jenama pump lama @ cap ayam dan beli yg agak ok compare cap ayam tu.

Disebabkan pump baru ni Eheim Compact 5000 ada waranty 3 tahun ... kira ok lah tu .. kalau dia buat hal lagi hantar kasi warranty.

Apa apa pon nasib baik dia jadi skrang bukan masa kat kampung ... kalau tak lagi laa haru.. syukur

Biopellet - End of 1st month

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During the first month of using this new product, seem have a little overall improvement which:

PO4 - remain undetected (i doubt it, maybe related to test kit not able to give correct reading)
NO3 - down from 25ppm to 10ppm

These two reading directly cause better water visibility and more clearer. Other than these, the most important thing that i want to archive is give better/more food to aquarium inhabitant. So compare to twice daily, now its up to 4x daily (pallet), 1x liquid food (zoo + phyto), 1x in 2 days (nori) and once a week chopped shrimp + cyclopeeze.

While that certainly a good improvement, but certain area like reactor need to shake/clean within 2 or 3 days, make my life with these pellet a bit irritating. After got some idea from other forumer, decided to modified the reactor. Since then there is no more reactor clog.

The overall improvement also can be seen thru algae on glass. The need to clean glass panel several times per week has been reduced to just once a week (even tho is less still need to be clean for a better view :D). Anyway its also effected the chaeto population. Chaeto volume decrease a bout half of the original size. Its looks good but its created more job for pump cleaning! dead chaeto clogging all the pumps include wave maker! which is make overall performance for all pumps reduced! I wish i do not have to remove it cause it good for pods population. Let see how this thing going at the later stage.

Fishes health not give me any issues as for now, i believe they doing well. As for coral, there is slight changes in open brain coral which is not open up since pellet has been introduced. Not sure what the causes, but believe its related to a better visibility? not sure need more info on this.

Since im having RDSB, i believe its going to take a longer time to completely reduced NO3. This is related to hidden nutrient trap within the RDSB. I believe this situation also apply to other carbon dosing method.

On the other note, i'm not having bacteria bloom like others experience. Not sure if its a good thing or bad. But i'm ok with it as long as its gave me a better result.

Below the summary of my pellet installation:
- 500ml NP Biopellet
- Phosban 150 reactor
- Eheim 1002 compact pump
- output directly to Beckett Skimmer's pump

Other than that, weekly water change is must(this is what i believe) cause it will help to restore other parameter like trace element, Ca, KH etc.

Live rock sales???

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Read as "JUALAN BATU MURAH"... Damn its true! .. this is probably the first time i heard about it ... and yes its cheaper compare to a normal price that we always seen in any of LFS :D

Currently one of Malaysia Marine Club sponsor having a sales for that until 31st Aug. For more info maybe can refer to this thread.

Aquatic World
12, Jalan 7/32A, Off Batu 6 1/2 Jalan kepong,
Kepong, 52100 KL.

Believe its good if u having a new tank or upgrading to a bigger tank? its just too late for me to buy any of those ;)

Great video of Cnidarian Lifeforms

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Cnidarian Lifeforms from Delrious on Vimeo.

This video taken from Reef Builders

GV Clam & Sea horse shipment

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Singgah GV kejap tadi on way beli susu anak =D, saw a lot of new clams and sea horses. Not sure when these arrived, but as for time i visited still have about 2 tanks of clams, size is vary from small to medium.

If not mistaken the its a Crocea Clam. For more info about this clam, please visit this link. Since nothing to tapau back .. i bough 1 of the clam, never try this before but from various of reading, the clam not really need to be feed. Its even helping taking nutrient in tank, so i think its cool for now. The only important thing need to consider is lighting cause its required very high light.

And for the seahorse, please read its requirement, dos and donts before purchase it

NP Biopellets Updates

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Day 28
- WC
- Install new auto feeder
- Clean skimmer's cup
- modified phosban reactor (remove upper section inside reactor and moving the bottom part up) resulted super fast moving pellet. Since its just too fast, decrease pump speed about half
- NO3 - no changes
- PO4 - detected, color indication very light compare to nearest 0.1 ppm (believe its a good thing since NO3 will not reduced if no PO4)

Day 26
- no changes for NO3 and PO4 reading
- shaking reactor

Day 23
- NO3 - 10ppm (lighter than 10ppm color indication)
- PO4 - undetected
- Skimmate - light green with a lot of foam

Day 20
- NO3 - 10ppm (maybe less cause color indicator is lighter) time to change to salifert
- PO4 - undetected (no changes)
- doing WC
- cleaning return pump
- reactor pump seem clog very fast, need to clean and stir the reactor in every 2-3 days (something i dun expect)
- adding 2 vial Bioptim

Day 19
- NO3 - 10ppm, 1st time showing some improvement
- PO4 - undetected
- Coral health - overall is ok except brain coral not opening
- Fish Health - no changes
- lower chiller temp to 25C instead of 26C cause 26C will causing the chiller will kick in at 28C, by doing 25C its always kick in when 26C (dun ask me why its different, i dun know why)
- blow of some ditrius from rock using small pump

Day 18
- clean pump again
- adding the rest of 500ml bio pellet into reactor
- NO3 - 25ppm (no changes)
- PO4 - undetected (no changes)

Day 15
- clean feeder pump to reactor (water flow increase back)
- Water change and skimmer cup maintenance
- NO3 - 25ppm (no changes)
- PO4 - undetected (no changes)

Day 14
- NO3 - 25ppm (no changes)
- PO4 - undetected (no changes)
- Chaeto growth reduced by half
- Open brain not opening like before.
- skim mate consider same

7 days after
- no reading changed for NO3 still at 25ppm
- po4 - still undetected
- add more bio digest
- add more bio pellet

3 days
- NO3 - 25ppm
- PO4 - undetected
- increase feeding times
- re introduced liquid food

1st Day NP Biopellet

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Just installed NP Biopellet today... beside that doing normal water change today and removed connected RDSB bucket.

The only thing left in the sump right now just skimmer, chaeto and NP Biopellet.

So for a start the reading for water parameter

NO3 - 25ppm
PO4 - undetected

And for the NP Bio pellet reside in my reactor power by Eheim 1000 compact pump. Even tho i bought 500ml NP Bio pellet, but i just put 1/4 of the volume right now. I'll increase the volume up to my targeted later.

Other than that, i just add 1 ampule of bio digest, hope its can increase bacteria growth ;)

NP Biopellets Promotion by LFS

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if anyone looking for NP Bio Pellet, several LFS doing a promotion for the product in celebrating 5th chuisui.com (Malaysia Marine Club) . Cepat cepat nanti habis ;) ... i believe if no LFS around your area, you can always arrange for shipment.


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Honestly i was shock with sudden NO3 last time .. and went bought 500ml NP Bio Pellet .. hehehe .. but im not install its yet .. maybe this weekend.

Beside that, i'll remove current RDSB so i'll have a better space inside the cabinet. Other than that its good to go. I'm also added more sand bout 5kg... so now its about 6" deep =D

As for 2days ago the NO3 reading already down to 25ppm .. good for me ;) .. maybe its related to sand top up i did earlier.

So lets see what this product can do for me ;)

Top up new sand

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Today just top up with more sand but this time with bigger size ... even tho not adding too much about 7kg hope its help reduce sand storm in some area. i hope i bought a bit more cause its just not enough to cover the whole area.

So for now, the view its like at the beginning stage.. the white sand make me feel as good as new. Anyway i dun expect it to last long, its just a matter of time diatom will take over.

Beside that ... also test current water parameter, just 2 important thing .. and its bad!

PO4 - undetected
NO3 - around 50 ppm

ermm so its decided .. bio pellet will be install soon ;)
Been practice some of the suggestion/step on this site since start of this hobby. (anyway i get it from somewhere else)

so i think maybe useful for others what action need to be taken before/during/after buying a new fish for you tank.

Please refer this link for the rules. And good luck ;)

Not so good energy

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Lately i feel not so good energy in some of post in Malaysia Marine Club forum. Honestly i feel its not good for everyone. Normally the problem was about not search tru the site or google, asking the same question, and commercial posting or even bring up the old post...

Honestly i think most of them already google it around, the only thing may be they just not understand what they read. Some of the solution on web sometime its hard to find it in here. But for those who asking the same question, they should try using "search" function first. At least try read the topics which already being pin up.

Damn! i dun really think posting this is a good idea but this getting bad everyday :(

Above all i do ask myself why we need a forum while cant post a question. And the most important no such thing stupid question...

Lastly chill lah guys ;) i just lucky last time i dun have some sort of this problem =D
I also asking myself and others about this very long time ago... what supplement need to be added to my tank? Even tho i just needed to ask myself and do some reading ... the answer will be always regular water change will be enough... no matter how big your tank is!

So do i really need to dose this and that? first of all the question i need to ask myself .. why i need to dose that and what is my current parameter? after that ... do i really need to? maybe the best answer is "don't fix something which already ok"

Until now I rarely using KH buffer.. the only reason before was because KH parameter was down to 6... again the advice to myself is always dose something that i can measure.

How bout the liquid food? I was using this once .. and the result is Aiptasia! for me its not worth of money and time! even tho its not the only reason for that... but its happen after i introduce that liquid food. So from this i think i was wasting money to create a better place for the pest and wasting more money to get rid of it .. so i just like double stupid in there =D

so in short.. regular water change is enough.. unless i have high requirement coral.. which i doubt so!


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NP Biopellets

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Been thinking to used this type of product now .. as for now more reading is require before jump to this. The basic thing i need to have before using this,
  • test kits - need No3, already have the other
  • good skimmer - hope beckett skimmer is good
  • fluid reactor - already have
  • a new pump
The goal that i want to archive is simply because i want to feed more my coral and fish. Since from the start, i'm been keeping the feeding at very low frequency to control nutrient in tank. Other than that, i want to remove my current RDSB, feels its taking too much space inside the cabinet.

Beside that ... i dun know my No3 reading, so have to buy that thing 1st LOL.

In mean time, keep reading this topic on several site for now
By the way this NP Biopellets is available at Oceanic Aquarium.

My birthday LOL

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Those who have not wish me yet .. please do so...hahaha .. anyway thaks for all comments/msg/greeting etc

For today nothing much happening, just teman my neighbor to Oceanic and GV to find something for his tank. He just cycling his tank less than a week...

Maybe this can be a reference to others what its NOT cycle
  • put a just a fresh water in tank (no salt) - no its not funny its happened, better put that water in baldi dont u think so?
  • no life rock, no sand and no nothing - i dun see how the cycle will start if just a saltwater.
For further reading on nitrogen cycle, the topic can be read here

And for another note, even if your water is already clear for the 1st 2-3 days doesn't mean its already ok to put any fish. Its not ok!

GV again?

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What a boring day! .. so just jalan jalan cari makan .. hehe

went to GV and met with Mr Ketam and Mr Orang Tua =D .. nothing much to talk about. But a bit interested with what he said
  • be friend with other forumers cause they always give freebies ;)
  • go for SPS - this is for sure racun part
As for point no 1, i do agree with him .. and for the 2nd part he added for a long term members can exchange frags .. so its actually a cost cutting! we going to spend a lot if want to have every SPS! for me its a yes and no... and i believe i'm not ready (believe its going to cost me a lot to jump ship + do not have appropriate knowledge its cost me another bomb)

and the other note, SPS more challenging compare to other type of coral. Yeah but i think i do not persuade challenge for now ;) so sifu i'll skip SPS for now ;)

Happy to met both of u .. thanks

Jom Oceanic

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Went to Oceanic just now .. need a new replacement for T5 and some other thing... not many people at that time .. so its just nice.

- 2 new t5
- vege clip - the old just broken again .. damn
- target feeder - no need to menyelam lagi .. hehhe

nampaknya abis lagi duit aku .. huhuhuhu. Saw still have some coral in the shop, nice open brain corals, some Xenia, sps, and several other lps and softies... just lazy to list it all.

And also saw new skimmer nice Deltec and Becket :D .. i just dun bother to ask cause i already have one :P

So its just a quick shopping and go home.

GV new fish and coral shipment

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Went to GV yesterday and told me that new arrival will arrive around 730 yesterday. Obviously i'll not going there last night =D

So today, pay them a visit and checkout whats new. To be honest a lot of them has been take away already. BUT still have a lot PBT, nemo, some mo0rish idol/banner fish, some angels and alot of gobbies

As for coral still have some zoa/button, xenia and some acropora..

Saw some of reefer from chuisui .. but bit shy to say hi .. heheh.. nvm

So bring several new corals back.
1- xenia
2- elegant
3- orange with green skirt zoa
4- yellow polyps/button

The Algae Story

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Begin to re-read again about the algae thing since its suddenly appear in my tank. As far i understand not all algae is bad but some is very very unpleasant.

There are several way to prevent algae overgrown in tank
  • avoid direct sunlight
  • light period less than 10-12 hours/day
  • lower nutrient level by doing partial WC regularly
  • use RO/DI water
  • keep algae eater in the tank
  • change light bulb before expired date
Brown Algae
So let begin with brown algae or diatom, this normally appear on newly setup tank. The cause are mainly from silica. Since silica is higher than other element like phosphate, brown algae will out compete green algae.

Normally this will not last long, it will disappear after silica is lower than phosphate or not detected. This type of algae is not dangerous just a bit unpleasant to watch.

Green Algae
After sometime green algae will grow, this is because of phosphate exist in the water. Some of snail/fish will take care of this. Or just use glass cleaner to take it off.

This is actually a group of photosynthesis bacteria. It may occur in any condition, either low nitrate or high nutrient tank. This type of algae should be remove quickly by siphon it out. So far i dun think got any fish/snail which are going to eat this :D

As far as my tank is concern, i'm going to change my T5 light bulb. Hope its was the other causes which contribute to brown algae growth.

Sudden ammonia spike!

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Very bad week for the tank... sudden ammonia spike to 1.0 been worried me. Not sure what the main cause. Believe it was cause by dead Anthias and several corals before. Maybe causing by mini rock arrangement? I dun know...

Just realize this bout last week during the water changed.. already done several WC as for now. Now its worsen with another ugly thing appear on the sand :( brown algae! ... yet another coral die! Not sure if its die because of something else but ammonia spike sure 1 of the main cause.

The only good thing .. other parameters are stable... hope its not as serious as i think.

Have to do more WC after this ... damn its tiring! Bought another big big "tong sampah" to store more water change. Will continue on tomorrow or this weekend ...

Mag-Flip is here

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Went to Oceanic Aquarium today and saw this aquarium glass cleaner being sold there... i was reading its review few months ago and decide .. i want this =D

But be honest im not buying it yet cause what i need more on better scrapper ... so its traditional way is better i think.

So what is this Mag-Flip thing? may be can view the following video how this thing works.

So its a 2 in 1 scrapper and glass cleaner. The good thing about this product, user dun have to wet our hand like we normally do by using scrapper.

I'm going to get this thing when budget is permitted ;)

Butterfly fish vs Aiptasia

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Last time i posted bout the Aptasia X product from Red Sea. At that time i only have several visible aptasia ... more or less than 5.

So decide to use it. Since then the aptasia problem become more troublesome.They grow everywhere and fast!. I'm almost give up! so i went to try natural way. Either using shrimp or butterfly fish...

Since i have hawk fish in the tank, shrimp will not an option. Cause it will become a dinner for this hawk fish. So have to try copperband butterfly fish. The only problem is this fish will die after all his food is finish.

Either i kill 1 butterfly fish to save the whole tank or lost all? so i choose to introduce the fish. Lucky during this time got a lot of this fish at GV. So bought one at a cost lower than Aiptasia X.

In the 1st week introduced this fish into tank, it has been chase everywhere by tangs =D luckily it was ok .. not injured or anything. In the beginning the fish not even pick on the aiptasia, its went to eat all fan worms!

But its lucky after 2/3 weeks ... its starting to pick on aiptasia... up until now this fish already eaten all aiptasia i can see. And the good thing this fish still alive even no more aiptasia more than 2 weeks. I believe its just a matter of time it will die starving.

Balik Kampung

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Balik kampung bout a week ... usual checking on tank before that already did. But still lost some...

So lost 1 fish and 2 corals... anyway already expect that fish to die cause hardly take pallet.

1- Anthias

1- torch coral
2- some blastos because of falling to sand

Went to GV to and add several small new coral
1- torch coral
2- skin polyps
3- very small carpet anemone

My Latest

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Latest view from my tank .. still long way to go!

Save the Coral Reefs

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Time to buy more salt!

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Went to Oceanic yesterday .. just a quick visit to buy a new salt. As for now i'm bought IO salt again ... just too bad it become "keras" after 1st time open it.

I dun have that problem with Red Sea salt before, i think because of the way its being pack. Anyway the only problem for me with this salt is its taking time to dissolve. So need to prepare the water change a bit early before that.

Other than that ... still a lot coral at Oceanic ...

New Soft Coral Added

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Just bought 2 soft coral yesterday.. hope this time have a better luck with this type of coral. They are Soft Tree Finger Coral and they basicly a re easy coral to begin with .. but so far i have no luck with them .. so this is my 3rd try!

Other update, my 4 of 6 Anthias is dead as expected .. 2 follow soon i guess ;)

LS Update

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Lost 3 corals during the chiller mishap .. too bad!

So since then still finding a new replacement for that. So last week went to GV and luckily they have new coral and fish shipment! good day for me ;)

But instead of buying new coral, i ended buying more fishes! damn it ... bought about 6 new Anthias. eheh so far they NOT doing well ... still not taking any food :(

hope it will turn out to be ok after this...

New Chiller Hailea 500A

Posted by gerg On 9:47 PM 2 comments

Just bought new chiller today 1/2 HP Hailea 500A... nah its not suka suka change :( its something that i MUST buy it NOW!

330PM i realize something is not correct bout the aquarium. So decide to check, so found out that my chiller not working and the temp rise to 32C!

So quickly turn off the light and get ready myself .. Its Oceanic Tour Time! I just spend several mins to decide to buy this new chiller LOL and quickly bring it back home!

Too bad after arrived at home found out that not the chiller that i bought .. ah my bad not checking it .. so pergi balik and get the correct one. I gave them a call before going there so it can be ready by the time i reach there ...

Reached home already 7++ PM .. then quickly plugin the chiller .. so far i'm quite satisfy with the chiller! yeah compare to my old Resun 650 ;)

As for now every coral and fish looks ok and not showing any sign of stress. good for me ;)

I wish i can add ore coral but i'm not in mood to buy any .. anyway finally Oceanic have a coral shipment after a long dry season. There are some corals might interest u in there.

2nd largest tank in the world

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somehow i wish KLCC Aquaria look like this .. but NO!

Adding more coral ;)

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Went to GV today, as usual its suppose a "saje saje" visit only. I have no internet connection bout 2 days! ... lucky got a new AC Ryan player, thanks to Rifdi! so tak ada lah boring sangat.

GV still have a lot of torch coral and frogspawn coral! just pay them a visit if u need them :D

So what do i bought? it just a colony of pink zoa and colony of several color zoa, orange sponge and frogspawn coral.

And i also added my first sps coral .. cokia 1 just orange montipora. Was added bout 2-3 weeks before. It was a good buy at oceanic so why not try it out ;) so far its doing very well! and very happy bout that.
B0ught Prodibio BioDigest and Prodibio BiopTim last week from oceanic. I want to start dosing this thing very long time ago .. but dun have budget yet for that, as for now i dun care. Hopefully i can retire my rowa phos which is quite costly and replace with this which is in my opinion is better way to control your algae, phosphate etc. Even its ok to run both at the same time but it will not recommended because the living bacteria will compete with rowa to get the phosphate. And the most important only waste of money!

Bio Digest

So what is this? Short answer is bacteria. A bit long answer, each of ampules contains about 50 billions of bacteria ( nitrifying and denitrifying). The use of this product to lower down nitrite/nitrate and phosphate by biological way.

I have been told to dose 7 ampules of this for a starter (my tank 4x2x2), but i end up just dose bout 3 only


This product to be use together with bio digest. Basicly each of tube of this is a bacteria food. U'll need it cause we want bacteria to do its job and multiply faster. So feed them :D

Colt coral dying

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ermm .. nampak nya macam tak ada jodoh dengan soft coral ... sebelum ni toadstool pon mati .. 2nd time then ok, tu pon nyaris nyaris tak ok ...

ampess .. the most easy coral cannot live in my aquarium...should try moderate coral lah after this.. hehehe. Not sure what/why its happen. Water parameter everything ok .. flow? may be yes .. light? absolutely not the causes.

trying to move nearby toadstool coral for now .. hope it can recover. Kalau mati jugak ampess lah... for now already put carbon in sump in case of the coral release toxic substance.

Other than hoping it will survive nothing much can do for now ... just wait :(

Soalan Lazim :D

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Tiap kali ada tetamu kat rumah ... mesti ada lah soalan yang biasanya di tanya oleh kebanyakkan orang yang sebelum nih. Antaranya
  1. Air masin lah nih? jawapan: ye
  2. Mana ambil air masin ni? : jawapan: buat sendiri
  3. Batu karang ke tu?: jawapan : bukan, tu batu biasa
  4. apa yang macam plastik tu?: jawapan: tulah coral
  5. idup ke coral tu?: jawapan : ye idup
  6. mana beli/tangkap? jawapan : kat kedai ikan puchong
  7. kalau letak ikan kembong idup tak? jawapan: ikan dr pasar dah mati cam mana nak idup .. heheh
  8. mahal ke nak bela jugak? jawapan: entah .. boleh laa tahan
  9. macam mana tukar air? jawapan: siphon pakai paip lebih kurang 10% jek .. bukan semua
  10. bagi makan apa? jawapan: macam ikan ikan lain jugak .. makanan dalam botol :D
heheh ... biasanya soalan nya pusing pusing kat situ jugak .. sambil buat lawak... dan biasanya comment akan diberi
  1. tak der kerja tul ko nih
  2. buang duit tul
  3. serabut dalam rumah besar tul aquarium

Blue Sponge (Haliclona spp)

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Bought this sponge yesterday from GV. Never bother to buy this before since afraid of dying :D

Saw it available at the store for quite sometime already. Yeah this is the last blue sponge at the store compare to to 1st day its arrive. Cant resist to buy it anymore cause my tank lack of blue color.

So what the requirement for this sponge? As oppose to other sponge this sponge require intense light and flow. AND the most important thing DO NOT expose it to air! but the bangla at store expose it to air! o0uchh!!! .. hope its ok

Other thing need to consider, sponges release toxins and antibiotics when they die... so have to remove it quickly before its effect the water quality ;)

Aiptasia Not a coral!

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Beginner commonly mistaken this Aiptasia as a coral!! It is not and not suitable for reef aquarium. WHY? cause it will take over your rock and sting ur coral :D

So how to remove it? Either go by natural way with introduced Peppermint Shrimp or Butterflyfish or using chemical such as Joe Juice or Aiptasia X.

Using the natural way might not suitable cause the fishes/shrimp will die after all aptasia no longer available and i believe the peppermint shrimp only working if u have alot of them.

So here is the video might interest you how to use chemical way, in this case Aiptasia X by Red Sea

I already bought this Aptasia X from Oceanic today and will shot away all aiptasia after this. By the way i was hoping to buy Joe Juice but its not available at the moment. As long as its working i dun mind :D

Aquarium Aquascaping

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Don't have any idea how to do aquascaping for aquarium? I also dun have any idea ... But after watching the presentation by Joe Jaworski then i realize something that i'm missing from my current rock work.

Basically the goal we need to consider during doing this,
  • allow for maximum water circulation
  • structure for best biological filtration
  • create a natural environment for inhabitant
  • and the most importantly GOOD TO SEE
As for now i need to add more rock at certain area so that the goal above can be achieve. Please do checkout the presentation cause if doing at later stage will promote ammonia spike etc .. which is not good. Its like going to be a new system cycle once again.

Next pit-stop will be kedai ikan Oceanic or GV for more live rock shopping :D

Its hot!

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Yeah its hot nowadays .. not complaining but a bit scary how fast the TNB's LED meter blinking :D. I think its same thing happening each year during this time .. which is later will get more worst with haze!.

With a full aquarium equipment running (including chiller + all lights on) and other household electrical + aircond and 3 computers ... its blinking as fast as 1-2 seconds!.. buat cuak jek! ampess.

Each blinking consider equal 1kW? not sure but that ... have to ask an expert :D ... normally its just about 5-9 second interval within the day. Anyway let see how much i have to pay next month :D

Maybe its time to look around the device that can reduce electrical consumption. Not sure if that thing actually works .. but worth to try i think.

My Corals as of today

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Just for my own reference, as for today i have these corals

  • Red Mushroom
  • Green Stripe Mushroom
  • Green Mushroom
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Purple Bullseye Mushroom
Soft Coral
  • Toadstool
  • Trumpet Coral
  • Several Open Brain Corals
  • Green Bubble Coral
  • Torch Coral
  • Blastomosa
  • Gonipora
  • Alveopora
  • Cup Coral
  • Starburst Polyps
  • Glove Polyps
  • Normal brown button

Sea Fan
  • Blue Sea Fan

GV Coral Shipment

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Went to GV today, lot of new corals arrive.. cant recall all the coral but a lot of red mushroom thought its suitable for coming CNY ;) Also a lot of doughnut and open brain corals

The other coral might interest u maybe finger coral which coming with green color and normal brown color. Other than that just normal coral like toadstool and other soft corals.

Not sure can skip gonipora which its going to die anyway if keep in our aquarium. Not many can keep this coral longer than 1 year LOL.

And lastly still got orange sea fan and glove polyps before i left ;)

Other than that have to go urself to look at the stock.

Normally new coral and fish will be arrived at GV Saturday for fish and Monday for coral.

Blue Sea Fan

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Yeah .. finally im bought this type of coral .. but it was my mistake to start with a "expert only" coral.

So now what? let try to keep this coral, i already did some reading about this sea fan before but not much!

Since this sea fan not a photosynthesis coral ... its need to be feed. This is something i'm not good at :D . The good thing its not required a strong light so i can put it in any location in my tank.

Chaetomorpha Algae

Posted by gerg On 10:40 PM 4 comments

Went to collect Chaetomorpha Algae or chaeto yesterday from other forumer. This is the 1st time i put this thing on my filtration. As for now i have RDSB, TAF and now chaeto ;)

Anway this algae looks like rumput and grow from end to end creating long, stiff strands. This algae useful to reduce BOTH phosphates and nitrates from the water. So i would like to give it try how its can reduce nitrate from my aquarium.

And thanks again for the "penderma" hope i can re-gift this to the others later stage.


Add more life stock

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Agaknya macam tu lah setan cakap kat telinga setiap hari ... "jom pergi beli coral lagi.. tak cukup lagi tu"

ampess tul ... this happen this whole week.. tengahari jek ada jek perasaan macam nak pergi "tengok". Yeah .. i already finish my targeted work for this week .. so jom laa pergi .. another kata kata penguat setan tu bagi ...

Kalau dia berjaya esok lusa sampai lah lagi kat kedai tu tengok tengok .. hehehe which normally not only tengok tengok session lol

Actually i cant stand myself also since i know there is new shipment at GV ... apa lagi .. lagi lah kencang setan tu hasut jom lah pergi.

BUT all usaha setan setan tu takkan berjaya selagi dia tak ajak bini aku sekali .. cause i normally malas to go myself :D

Marble Sea Star

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Since my daughter love the sea star very much .. so i have decided to try it once again :D

Its the same species that i have last 2 years ... and to be honest i dun have any confident to keep this star fish for so long .. last time its was ended in 1-2 weeks time .. so i dun expect anything within the 1st month.

I was choosing this species because of the color and the most importantly its reef safe.

As far as how is it doing now ... its still hide behind rock and i believe its doing ok so far ;)

for more reading bout this star fish refer to this link

Another cannot tahan to post

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As title said .. i cannot tahan to post here instead of reply to the original topic to his experience in marine aquarium thingy.

I dun think being an honest post will give any harm to you .. instead of saying the true date/year of pic taken or the year u start, he put additional 11 years to his year of experience. No need to say this is pic taken on year 1999 cause we can clearly can see exif info .. date taken and what camera u using all there LOL .. its 2008!

Not sure what u get from this of kind of cheat? more respect perhaps .. but what do u think when ppl find out :D

Be honest to yourself ... how many years experience etc not really important. The most important is how u give back to community and how u enjoy the hobby.

p/s: i dun give anything yet to community :D

Several funny fish name in malay

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Found out this a while ago .. cant resist to post it LOL

Lets not wasting any time .. we begin with ikan kambing or normal name Bicolor Angelfish .. dun look like kambing for me lol .. no janggut also :D

Next 1 is ikan kerepek ... kerepek pisang agak nya ikan nih .. english name is Copperband butterflyfish ...

Ikan gerut-gerut lucky not perut perut :D .. anyway this is Six Bar Angelfish

And malay name for famous nemo @ clown fish is Ikan Ingu

All these name i got it from Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan
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