Earth Hour

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Its already pass .. hehe.. so did you off the light? shame on u if u don't!

I called my mom.. even she did! ... she dun know anything what the hell is global warming etc .. but supported it! I'm proud of her :D

I did off my home light .. its not that long, just for 1 hour. Chit chat with my neighbor takes longer than that ... but shame on us, during that we did burn some stick call "rokok" eheheh .. i dun think its count :D

So hopefully u enjoyed the dark mode :D

Ikan : Lyretail Wrasse

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Lyretail Wrasse @ Lunare Wrasse

This fish also known as moon wrasse. I bought this fish about month ago. What i can say bout this fish? its more dedicated doing his job compare to my last six line wrasse. But the bad thing bout this fish (not bad actually) is "Kuat Makan"! My other fish not able to eat because its just too fast!

So now this fish reside in my sump :D. Now still waiting to transfer to a new home. Weh Apis bilalah ko nak ambil nih .. heheh..

Successful Saltwater Aquarium

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Nowadays the successful rate to keep saltwater aquarium are very high. Those who are not successful normally because they all "DEGIL" .. heeheh

Yet its still depending how you defined successful. For me no life stock lost and live well within a year without any problems are successful. So how u defined that its up to you, but generally you will have more time to enjoy it rather than trying to fix it!

Successful normally related how you maintain the aquarium water parameter. NOT how much you spend or how "Canggih" your equipment are.

Its sound easy eh? yeah it is ... just worry about your water change every week, 2 week or once a month. The frequency its depending on how many your life stock and how efficient your filter. Maybe can refer to this water change calculator for better picture.

Generally the failure cause by "TAK SABAR" .. yeah this probably the most frequent word you will see in any marine club/website/forum. Patience is the key! Let the start up aquarium fully cycle in order bio filter to build up. This also apply when you introduced life stock to aquarium, make it slow... no need to rush, again for enough bacteria to cater with new addition LS. WHY? new addition life stock mean more waste, so need more bio-filter.

So conclusion is, the technology is here not like in the past. Skimmer, CR etc are easily can get in any LFS, the only thing to make this a successful hoby is how you manage your patience. Other than that plan whatever you want to do NOT do then plan. Its can be done but prepare for the worst.

Post from my HTC Diamond

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Never this before, so trylah sekali... Why now? Cause tengah rilex and away from my notebook and not posting for so long already!

Pendek kata saje suka suka only.

This is the most simplest diy auto top off water i did recently. Actually this not even can called a DIY project because its very simple to build.

I'm not using any pump, electric or what so ever that i have to buy :D.

- To replace evaporated water from aquarium

The material used :
  • again my empty salt bucket (25kg)
  • valve control (i take out from my previous DIY sulphur Denitrator)
Other thing need to consider
  • run a test for leaking before plug to your aquarium
  • since its a dripping based, find most suitable drip per second for your own need.
If you looking to a proper diy auto top off using floating pump, please refer to this thread at chuisui

Sleeper Gold Head Goby

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Sleeper Gold Head Goby

I bought this fish about 1 month ago... and today it’s dead! i kill 1 more innocent fish today ...

So start from now .. No more gobby and the gang cause its will starve to death! Not taking any prepare food, the only thing it’s did cleaning the sand! Maybe it hope get some food from that... heheh but its not! At least not enough.

I've done everything i could to make this fish survive... but this fish mogok lapar... so nothing can do lol. Thanks to this fish... my diatom disappearing after several hours lights on. And now... i just hope my blenny will continue his job: D

I'll remind my wife bout this, when she going to buy a new fish again! I dun care the cost of the fish (actualy this fish cost less RM20, dunno the exact price... hehehe) ... but it will die if still not enough pods@food in the tank!.

So next time only VEGE fishes are allowed...heheheh


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What the hell??? cipan apa tu sump? ehehhe... jumlah ke? .. ahha.. tu SUM lah not SUMP!

Mungkin sejenis ikan? apa kejadah nya ikan... sump dalam kata mudah tempat untuk letak filter media, biasanya dibuat daripada kaca bersamaan dengan aquarium jugak.

So bila tengok kat bawah aquarium ada aquarium kecik dan mempunyai beberapa compartment .. itu lah sump nama dia, bukan katak.. bukan juga aquarium kedua yang tak berguna!

Jadi apa kegunaan sump? kegunaannya samalah macam description dia.. tempat letak filter media! .. heheheh. Senang citer kegunaan nya adalah:
  • boleh menambahkan jumlah air untuk aquarium
  • tempat letak filter media
  • dah nama dia filter.. so dia akan jadikan air dalam aquarium lagi ok
  • mudahkan nak tukar air
  • promote water stable
Sebenarnya yang paling penting sump (in my opinion :D) memudahkan nak tukar air, jadi tak perlu lah memanjat tangga/bangku untuk ambil air dari main tank. Kan senang leh buat sambil duduk jek :D

Selain daripada tu .. takkan nak letak carbon dalam main aquarium plak .. tak ke kelakar nama dia .. tetiba ada 1-2 bag carbon dalam tu .. isskkk.. nak letak skimmer pon senang .. inside/outside sump not a problem since ease of plumbing to skimmer. Kalau letak kat dalam aquarium .. dah lah serabut ngan pump untuk skimmer .. then will lead to bubble problem (from skimmer).

Tu blom lagi kalau nak buat algae scrubber, RDSB, FR atau pon CR .. isskk memang lah menyusahkan diri .. benda mahal boleh beli... nak buat sump tak boleh .. hehehe

Yeah its optional! .. for me its a must .. dah try 2-2 dan amatlah nyusahkan kalau tak der sump.

Mungkin jawapan bila tak der sump adalah malas nak buat lubang kat aquarium! .. duss mungkin tak blaja Fizik dulu masa kecik kecik .. heheh.. benda ni senang jek nak solve dengan buat overflow pipe/box. Kalau tatau fizik pon tak per .. leh tanya pocket jek .. beli jek ready made overflow box (cost tatau, tak pernah beli).

Sump design plak depending on the owner.. 2/3/4 compartment its up to u! .. i'm prefer to go 3/4 compartment. Untuk tengok sump design boleh tengok sini.. cam macam ada.. ikut jek.

Feels Good

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Dalam kesibukan kerja yang melampau akhirnya ada jugak benda yang agak menyenangkan.

Yeah ... its just a small matter for a certain people.. its a big deal for me lol. I've been using water source with slightly have PO4 before and other things like fish waste, fish food etc which contribute to high level of PO4 (1.0ppm).

Now i can smile a bit when PO4 level undetected on my tank. Yahoooo... yeah i was only expecting its to be lowered not undetected! .. that make me really happy about it.

So what the steps i taken to make this happen?
- DIY Algae Turf
- Phosban
- Minimal feeding volume
- WC

i would say this is the main reason to decreases the PO4 level. I've been using this from Feb 13 with ROWAPHOS as a media. Yeah yeah yeah .. its worth of money to invest :D

DIY Algae Turf
This algae turf or what ever u called it, its just a simple thing to do and return a lot of benefits. What i need only a bulb and plastic screen to make algae live on it. After a month (in my case), this algae will cover all over the screen(need to clean weekly). So this ugly algae actually have a benefits specially to absorb PO4 and other thing also.

Feeding and Water change
Fish food normally have PO4! (cheap cheap must have- refer to label). So by reducing amount of feeding (just dun let the fish kurus kering!) actually reducing the amount of PO4 enter to tank. This eventually will reduced fish poo poo .. eheheh.. which also have other NH4.

Water change is the cheapest way to combat PO4 and NH4 problem. And fast too. I did increase water change volume so its help.

Racun dan meracun!

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How and when i started got poison myself into this hobby? Its was last 2 years ago (rasanya lah) when Rifdi told a good story about marine aquarium :D

After a year or less (2008) i got myself a 2 footer tank. Thanks again to Rifdi cause introduce me to Oceanic Aquarium. I was about to look around only ... but my wife said go on. Waaa .. so with a limited budget (pinjam ngan Rifdi RM50 sebab tak cukup) i bought some not so useful equipment.

I dun care much.. its a learning time .. but i could minimize it if i read first ;).Anyway the shop never give me stupid advice like to buy kH buffer which some LFS did.

After ding dong quite sometimes i have this.

Then after a year with a limited space ... i bought a new tank 4 footer.

So its time to poison other people to join this hobby lol.

I'm tried several but they have superb anti poison .. eheh.. so finally Hafiz kena laa jugak. Sold everything i had to him. The most important thing bring him to LFS so he can poison himself better ahhahaha...

So the result now he have Nemo, Dori (Blue Tang), Goby and Damsel (i already told him never ever buy this fish) . Everything going fine till now...

So next .. trying to posion my neighbour into this hoby also ... hahaah .. till then i'll keep improving my tank which is not so great at all.

Malaysia Marine Club

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Marine Club for Malaysian?
Yes! ada lah.. Malaysia semua pon nak ada club sendiri ... tapi ada bagusnya join club club nih.

Malaysia marine club also known as already online more than 3 years ago. So far have alot of topics for any type of saltwater tank u have. Its very good reference for a starter which is cover
So far, i keep reading the basic guide again and again.. yeah i miss the important part sometimes. What i can say is, its very good reference both experience reefer and newbie.

Other than that, its a forum! so ask anything u like.. there no such thing as stupid question. They normally will do their best to answer the question. But i'm prefer to use search function 1st before any question since most of the question already answered.

They also got several other section which i found very useful specially DIY section (its for a low budget like me :D), buy & sell section which u can fine very useful item at very low price!

Also get news (new LS and equipment update) from various local fish shop around Malaysia at one place.

Apa apa pon pergi tengok sendiri!

It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.