May 2011

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Replace video that i uploaded directly to blogger cause its really @!@#

Slow motion aka merangkak post

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Makin lama makin slow posting kat blog nih ... nak kata masa tak cukup .. dah cukup tuhan bagi 24 jam satu hari, ini bermakna kelemahan diri sendiri menguruskan masa =D. Walau cam mana pon, memang tak ada apa nak di post kan kat sini. Balik balik cerita benda sama bosan plak.

Hari yang di tunggu makin dekat, makin berdebar jantung menanti. Ikan pon cam biasa semua pon ok jek, ikan Copperband dah masuk 6 bulan idop .. so ok lah dia buat kije. So far just makan brine shrimp lelain tamau .. ampess nya ikan. Doctor fish baru nak masuk 5 bulan, happy sesangat ... sebab bukan senang dia nak idop lam aquarium nih ...

Lelain kes tak der, cuma re-position leather coral, sebab makin membesar dan dah masuk ruang plate coral, tu pon gila malas nak cabut dia dr batu tu. Buat masa sekarang nih coral tu cam hot dog goreng jual kat pasar malam kena cucuk ngan lidi ... hehehe.. kalau tak buat cam tu .. nampak nya melayang lah dia entah kemana. Harap dia cepat cepat lah melekatkan diri kat tempat baru.

Forum Malaysia Marine Club pon dah tak berapa nak gi browse, bz laa .. kije pon banyak. Aagak nya cam macam benda menarik ada.

Last Month?

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Nothing much to update, tank just like it was since last year .. not really any significant changes .. so let skip bout the new new addition or anything with "new" in the name :D cause i dun have any.

Been busy with work and family lately, not really have time for my tank either. My skimmer almost make sick tho.. with the loud sound etc until recently i clean up the "Beckett" part... the result ...marvelous ... run like new again... really make me forget bout the vibrating sound from RIO pump.

The ATO pump and float switch also died already... already replace it but bad news is if the switch broken again, need to find new type cause element 14(formerly known as farnell) no longer carry that product. Anyway lucky me cause getting the last stock they have LOL.

Finally reef paste available here. Saw the product demo at the Oceanic, and i'm impress.. fish really love it but i dun really put my hand to my tank, so i pass this for now. The price quite interesting, if not mistaken its cost less than RM 30 for the smallest bottle.I think it also available at the other LFS.
It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.