Skimmer out of order

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Uwaaa .. my tank running without a skimmer right now.Rosak since 2 days ago.. nothing much i can do for now, my life very damn busy within this month. I hope can buy a new pump by this weekend, hopefully.

Some people not actually running skimmer if they have algae turf, but i'll not follow thier footstep because these 2 thing have different purpose.

I might be looking to a new wave maker also .. if pocket allowed me to do so ... its still early to say that anyway.. lets go to LFS first.

HLLE and other Updates

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Its been very damn busy month lol... since i'm working from home, i'm not even have time to lepak lepak outside. Spending most of my time infornt my notebook and anly look at my code! .. wth i wish my life become more easier after this project.

Anyway .. i still have 5 min each day to look at my fish :D .. now both tangs in a better condition, the mark around BT gradually less after removed activated carbon and doing 2 x 20% WC. Hope they will become healthy as usual after a month.

Arghh, i'm suppose to go Malaysia Marine Club TT at Oceanic this morning. Not managed to go anyway... got so many thing to fix (my work again), so hope there will more TT next time. I'm never join any so far :D

Now take a break from non stop work doing this update and later watching F1 ;) and WC!

Mantis Shrimp sighted

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Tadaaa... after long time never "tilik tilik" my aquarium, yesterday i found out mantis shrimp in a small hole in the most biggest rock in aquarium. The size not so big, i think less than 1cm maybe about 0.5cm only or maybe less. Hard to tell cause only see the head.

So whats the big deal about this little creature?

Is a mantis shrimp bad for your setup?

If you plan on including fish and other invertebrates such as crabs, hermit crabs, etc in your tank, then the answer is an unequivocal yes. Since most tropical marine organisms are relatively expensive to purchase, the continued loss of specimens would definitely make even the most mild-mannered aquarist into a would-be "Rambo" mantis hunter and killer. Some comments gleaned from the web (stripped of addresses to protect identity):

  • "I am sorry to discourge you not to put that "devil" into your tank! That damn thing is really a pain. About two years ago, I had a 4.5" M. Shrimp in my 150 gallon tank (By accident only). It killed my baby lemon shark and ate every 'move' stuffs in my tank. After it ate everythings in the tank, it even crack the glass of my tank. So, be smart and not to put that devil in....." (in response to a person who wants to keep a mantis shrimp).
  • "Sorry, I call your flower a weed (but then again, I've lost at least 30 fish to those things). My advice is to not be a flower head and just kill the thing." (in response to another person who wants to keep mantis shrimps).
  • "mantis shrimp are viscious killers. Like any animal they will always find something to eat, probably you mollusks. Get rid of it before it gets to big."
  • "after spending a few yrs in Hawaii, and running into many mantis shrimp, i really enjoy smashing them w/ the end of a wooden pole; mushing them into the substrate and letting its former victims gnaw on its offensive carcass. it works for me, anyway."
  • If that did not convince you of the inherent "evil" nature of the mantis shrimp, then nothing ever will, and I am sure you will find the rest of this site (and not only the "How-to get rid of" portions) an enjoyable read indeed.

So what now? i also dun know. I'm going to kill it someday anyway. But still dunno how to do it yet. I'll update on the progress later, maybe will create a trap or just remove the big rock and remove it manually.

Activated Carbon

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Activated carbon has been removed from my filter compartment. This is due to suspected low in nutritional in aquarium.

I have been using this carbon from the start and now 2 of my tangs suffer HLLE. Im believe is this is the main cause for the disease. For now they are ok, response to feeding very well. The only thing is its not very pleasure to watch them with some mark on the face and lateral line worn away.

I'm not sure if other thing cause this "environment problem", so far i concern all other water parameter are good. The only thing i can do now, doing WC normally and no more activated in the system.

Food provided also consider ok, not sure if not enough lol since i have provide them with about 5 different pallet and nori.

As for now let see if they can do better without activated carbon
Major Chuisui TT will be organize next 26 April!

Location : Oceanic Aquarium Puchong
Date/Time : 26 April (10am)

What so special about this TT anyway? Its suitable for everyone(ehem for those from Malaysia Marine Club), Oceanic will give special discount on selected product and new life stock.

Anyway for registration and more info please refer this post on



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Amphipods population now take over some of the area in my sump. Is it bad? i dun think so .. i just hope they can grow more .. buat kampung kat situ .. now their movement very limited i think. If they move to other section, they will end up in my wrasse stomach. Thats a good news for me dun have to feed my wrasse down there :D

So what is amphipod? do i have any picture of them in my sump? hell no .. its very small to capture using my super classic camera :D, maybe this picture can give some ideas how this little creature looks like.

Their population been there for quite sometimes now. The only new thing i realize mostly of them now reside at my Algae Scrubber area. Not sure if they eat the algae, maybe they do and maybe not. But most articles said its suitable place for pod breeding, so hope they can breed more. The other section only have a super small amphipods which hardly can be seen anyway and i dun even know is it pod or bubles :D

Since there are good for fish, i mean fish love to eat this :D .. macam makan udang agak nya.. do we need to speed up this creature population? My answer simply no if using supplement food to speed up cause it will polute the water even more! I'm prefer to let them populate by themself .. no need to forced them to breed :D ... let them enjoy hidup bujang .. ehhehe

So let them have a happy live like u do ;)
It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.