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Ermm .. almost the same question over and over again. "Ada coral ke?" the answer will be always no at the moment.

Anyway i do plan to have coral at later stage. But now a lot of thing not in order yet so i dun bother to have a coral yet. Others dun have any problem with a coral why should i wait? Easy answer .. the same people after 1-2 month come back with a lot of problem .. die .. lost ... algae outbreak etc.

This happened because of no proper planing i think. Its only because of " i want to have it also". ahah ... and because of that i dun want any of problem that they facing. So better late rather than having having that much trouble.

I was planning to have chiller by this month, but skip that at the moment cause got some problem with other reported that chiller kick in bout 24 hours .. wow that costly! Its mainly related to hot weather now. So better wait 1st .. lets update the other thing 1st.

have to wait longer LOL

Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab

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Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab

New cleanup crew added to my tank recently. I'm never bother to buy this before, so not really have any idea how effective they are. But i'm quite surprise with the "job" done by this little fellow. I only have one of this to try out... so far certain area of the rock become white lol ...

For my need, i think 1 is enough.. so i can minimize they fight each other or killing my snails!

I'm not sure if they are suitable for reef tank cause some said it will bothering some coral... and some said its reef save.

Anyway i think its great addition to my cleanup crew ;)

Life Stock Update

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I've lost several fish last 2 week. Reason jump out from aquarium! .. aksi acrobatic .. i'm lost all my dart fish and 2 firefish .. 4 or them! ..

Anyway i bought 3 more fish last friday :D ... i just want to buy the wrasse, too bad 1 of them die before reach home. May be weather too hot? not sure .. maybe its already nyawa nyawa ikan before that. Another 2 is six line wrasse and 1 goby.

Right now the small goby already jump into overflow box and in the sump now. Too lazy to catch it back. Nobody ask it to jump into overflow box at first place :D... its very small fish! .. that why its can swim into overflow!

My wife got another lesson lol .. dun buy very small fish! .. its will swim into that area and very hard to cactch it!

Other than that 3 fishes .. i bought 1 more snail and 1 hermit crab ... so far hermit doing well .. do what its suppose to do :D

More SEIO and New RIO

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Finally i've no choice to buy a new RIO pump for my skimmer, its does run before after i said it was broken. But since saturday ... its finally kiok .. no more sound .. or whatever.

So after normal wc on the afternoon, went to Oceanic again .. with a mission to buy a new pump for skimmer and also additional SEIO M1100.

Found out new life stock shipment arrived! but dun care, i need new pump and wave maker. Just go and checkout yourself. I dun pay any attention whats new and whats hot! so do check out yourself


SEIO M1100

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Just bought it today :D... horayy .. but still not enough flow :(, need to buy 1 more M1500, need to replace cokia sun sun wave maker!

So far its good ... now 3 wm in my tank. Yes its a bit UGLY having too many WM. So what i'm thinking now just buy another one more SEIO to replace 2 sun sun WM, hope it will enough.

Even thou right now its like a small tornado everywhere, but its still not enough to cover dead spot in certain area. Need to try and error later, but now i need to rest after a hectic month of my work!

Have a nice day!

Turbo Snail Baby!

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Yeaaaha .. after saw these snail doing so many times "ritual" (sperm-ing) thing.. finally i'm able to see baby snail on my sump lol.

Im just noticed this about last week. I thought just 1 baby snail, but yesterday i saw at least 5 of them :D ... hope can can survive in the sump. Anyway i just add small cured rock to the sump section. Now they have home :)

I'm never hope the breeding successful at the first place because of, its never happend before (in my past experience) and the egg mostly got eaten by chromis ;)

So hope they can breed more, and dun have to buy snail anymore... yahooo
It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.