Toadstool & Purple Clove Added

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Added 2 new coral during the weekend :D

Toadstool and and Purple clove as a replacement for Pipe organ coral .. So far already open up but not fully yet .. tired waiting!

And for toadstool coral .. have a problem to put at suitable place .. ermm anyway now .. just put what i plan before .. let see how its will do .. as for now the coral not open yet .. menyembah bumi lagi .. ampess

hope everything will be ok next 2-3 days.. picture will follow after the coral open up :D
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Anyway hope can see the club more active :D

2 Weeks after

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So far my all my coral acclimate very well in aquarium .. yeah its very a good news for me :D ... everything going very well so far.

As for brain and green bubble coral .. i do feed them with mysis shrimp .. its only 1-2 weekly. So far the brain coral will open very big during the light on.. i tot it suppose to open during light off? i was wrong :D .. its open like almost twice its skeleton size .. damn really happy bout that..

The green starbust polyps also showing very good progress .. maybe my imagination .. i feel like its start "conquering" the rock .. hope its not that fast till i know how cut it!

Other than that .. i might sell my MH light set for T5 set .. its just too big and heavy i guess .. and the most important the single MH is 150 Watt .. its just crazy .. 2 MH already 300 Watt + 2 more PL .. isskk

Next Coral Addition

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There are still several corals for my next addition before i stop it and let it stable.From my 1st list still got 3 more corals.

Toadstool coral

easy coral also and very hardy!... the only problem that i might have is to position this coral since i have a bit strong water flow, other than that should be ok, i might put it at the middle and center of the aqurium between the 2 rock island.. not sure yet .. lets see how "fine" the coral.

Clove Polyps

This coral might a bit hard to get.I rarely see this coral at Oceanic. Beside hard to get .. other than that should be ok ... its also consider easy coral to start.

The last on the list is Pipe Organ Coral .. i might cancel it for other coral.. boring lah the color is white .. might get other color :D

Brain Coral

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Brain Coral

Another easy coral added for today, Coral Otak! .. eheh

The Trachyphyllia Brain Coral is also referred to as a Folded Brain, or Crater Coral and is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral. It may have a flattened, folded, or figure-eight shape. Its genus name, Trachyphyllia, comes from the Greek trachys (rough) plus phyllon (leaf) because it resembles a rough leaf lying on the sandy bed. There are two common species of Trachphyllia: T. geoffroyi and T. radiata. The T. radiata, which is usually more convoluted in appearance and has fused walls, was formerly called Wellsophyllia radiata, but the genus Wellsophyllia has now been eliminated.
Not sure how to describe this coral .. need more observation for several weeks ..

Green Bubble Coral

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Green bubble coral is another easy coral... its only required moderate lighting and water flow should be low to moderate.

Its a great coral for a beginner like me LOL

Just bought this today ... let see how its doing in my aquarium :D

My first coral

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my first 3 corals for try .. so far its doing ok ..

Red Mushroom

Green Stripe Mushroom

Evergreen Starburst

I'm not sure the correct name for the last coral... but i think its correct. As for now its still not fully open yet .. hope everything going to be ok later.

Planning to get some tomorrow ... not sure yet if got time :D
It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.