Colt coral dying

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ermm .. nampak nya macam tak ada jodoh dengan soft coral ... sebelum ni toadstool pon mati .. 2nd time then ok, tu pon nyaris nyaris tak ok ...

ampess .. the most easy coral cannot live in my aquarium...should try moderate coral lah after this.. hehehe. Not sure what/why its happen. Water parameter everything ok .. flow? may be yes .. light? absolutely not the causes.

trying to move nearby toadstool coral for now .. hope it can recover. Kalau mati jugak ampess lah... for now already put carbon in sump in case of the coral release toxic substance.

Other than hoping it will survive nothing much can do for now ... just wait :(

Soalan Lazim :D

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Tiap kali ada tetamu kat rumah ... mesti ada lah soalan yang biasanya di tanya oleh kebanyakkan orang yang sebelum nih. Antaranya
  1. Air masin lah nih? jawapan: ye
  2. Mana ambil air masin ni? : jawapan: buat sendiri
  3. Batu karang ke tu?: jawapan : bukan, tu batu biasa
  4. apa yang macam plastik tu?: jawapan: tulah coral
  5. idup ke coral tu?: jawapan : ye idup
  6. mana beli/tangkap? jawapan : kat kedai ikan puchong
  7. kalau letak ikan kembong idup tak? jawapan: ikan dr pasar dah mati cam mana nak idup .. heheh
  8. mahal ke nak bela jugak? jawapan: entah .. boleh laa tahan
  9. macam mana tukar air? jawapan: siphon pakai paip lebih kurang 10% jek .. bukan semua
  10. bagi makan apa? jawapan: macam ikan ikan lain jugak .. makanan dalam botol :D
heheh ... biasanya soalan nya pusing pusing kat situ jugak .. sambil buat lawak... dan biasanya comment akan diberi
  1. tak der kerja tul ko nih
  2. buang duit tul
  3. serabut dalam rumah besar tul aquarium

Blue Sponge (Haliclona spp)

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Bought this sponge yesterday from GV. Never bother to buy this before since afraid of dying :D

Saw it available at the store for quite sometime already. Yeah this is the last blue sponge at the store compare to to 1st day its arrive. Cant resist to buy it anymore cause my tank lack of blue color.

So what the requirement for this sponge? As oppose to other sponge this sponge require intense light and flow. AND the most important thing DO NOT expose it to air! but the bangla at store expose it to air! o0uchh!!! .. hope its ok

Other thing need to consider, sponges release toxins and antibiotics when they die... so have to remove it quickly before its effect the water quality ;)

Aiptasia Not a coral!

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Beginner commonly mistaken this Aiptasia as a coral!! It is not and not suitable for reef aquarium. WHY? cause it will take over your rock and sting ur coral :D

So how to remove it? Either go by natural way with introduced Peppermint Shrimp or Butterflyfish or using chemical such as Joe Juice or Aiptasia X.

Using the natural way might not suitable cause the fishes/shrimp will die after all aptasia no longer available and i believe the peppermint shrimp only working if u have alot of them.

So here is the video might interest you how to use chemical way, in this case Aiptasia X by Red Sea

I already bought this Aptasia X from Oceanic today and will shot away all aiptasia after this. By the way i was hoping to buy Joe Juice but its not available at the moment. As long as its working i dun mind :D

Aquarium Aquascaping

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Don't have any idea how to do aquascaping for aquarium? I also dun have any idea ... But after watching the presentation by Joe Jaworski then i realize something that i'm missing from my current rock work.

Basically the goal we need to consider during doing this,
  • allow for maximum water circulation
  • structure for best biological filtration
  • create a natural environment for inhabitant
  • and the most importantly GOOD TO SEE
As for now i need to add more rock at certain area so that the goal above can be achieve. Please do checkout the presentation cause if doing at later stage will promote ammonia spike etc .. which is not good. Its like going to be a new system cycle once again.

Next pit-stop will be kedai ikan Oceanic or GV for more live rock shopping :D

Its hot!

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Yeah its hot nowadays .. not complaining but a bit scary how fast the TNB's LED meter blinking :D. I think its same thing happening each year during this time .. which is later will get more worst with haze!.

With a full aquarium equipment running (including chiller + all lights on) and other household electrical + aircond and 3 computers ... its blinking as fast as 1-2 seconds!.. buat cuak jek! ampess.

Each blinking consider equal 1kW? not sure but that ... have to ask an expert :D ... normally its just about 5-9 second interval within the day. Anyway let see how much i have to pay next month :D

Maybe its time to look around the device that can reduce electrical consumption. Not sure if that thing actually works .. but worth to try i think.
It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.