NP Biopellets Promotion by LFS

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if anyone looking for NP Bio Pellet, several LFS doing a promotion for the product in celebrating 5th (Malaysia Marine Club) . Cepat cepat nanti habis ;) ... i believe if no LFS around your area, you can always arrange for shipment.


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Honestly i was shock with sudden NO3 last time .. and went bought 500ml NP Bio Pellet .. hehehe .. but im not install its yet .. maybe this weekend.

Beside that, i'll remove current RDSB so i'll have a better space inside the cabinet. Other than that its good to go. I'm also added more sand bout 5kg... so now its about 6" deep =D

As for 2days ago the NO3 reading already down to 25ppm .. good for me ;) .. maybe its related to sand top up i did earlier.

So lets see what this product can do for me ;)

Top up new sand

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Today just top up with more sand but this time with bigger size ... even tho not adding too much about 7kg hope its help reduce sand storm in some area. i hope i bought a bit more cause its just not enough to cover the whole area.

So for now, the view its like at the beginning stage.. the white sand make me feel as good as new. Anyway i dun expect it to last long, its just a matter of time diatom will take over.

Beside that ... also test current water parameter, just 2 important thing .. and its bad!

PO4 - undetected
NO3 - around 50 ppm

ermm so its decided .. bio pellet will be install soon ;)
Been practice some of the suggestion/step on this site since start of this hobby. (anyway i get it from somewhere else)

so i think maybe useful for others what action need to be taken before/during/after buying a new fish for you tank.

Please refer this link for the rules. And good luck ;)

Not so good energy

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Lately i feel not so good energy in some of post in Malaysia Marine Club forum. Honestly i feel its not good for everyone. Normally the problem was about not search tru the site or google, asking the same question, and commercial posting or even bring up the old post...

Honestly i think most of them already google it around, the only thing may be they just not understand what they read. Some of the solution on web sometime its hard to find it in here. But for those who asking the same question, they should try using "search" function first. At least try read the topics which already being pin up.

Damn! i dun really think posting this is a good idea but this getting bad everyday :(

Above all i do ask myself why we need a forum while cant post a question. And the most important no such thing stupid question...

Lastly chill lah guys ;) i just lucky last time i dun have some sort of this problem =D
I also asking myself and others about this very long time ago... what supplement need to be added to my tank? Even tho i just needed to ask myself and do some reading ... the answer will be always regular water change will be enough... no matter how big your tank is!

So do i really need to dose this and that? first of all the question i need to ask myself .. why i need to dose that and what is my current parameter? after that ... do i really need to? maybe the best answer is "don't fix something which already ok"

Until now I rarely using KH buffer.. the only reason before was because KH parameter was down to 6... again the advice to myself is always dose something that i can measure.

How bout the liquid food? I was using this once .. and the result is Aiptasia! for me its not worth of money and time! even tho its not the only reason for that... but its happen after i introduce that liquid food. So from this i think i was wasting money to create a better place for the pest and wasting more money to get rid of it .. so i just like double stupid in there =D

so in short.. regular water change is enough.. unless i have high requirement coral.. which i doubt so!


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NP Biopellets

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Been thinking to used this type of product now .. as for now more reading is require before jump to this. The basic thing i need to have before using this,
  • test kits - need No3, already have the other
  • good skimmer - hope beckett skimmer is good
  • fluid reactor - already have
  • a new pump
The goal that i want to archive is simply because i want to feed more my coral and fish. Since from the start, i'm been keeping the feeding at very low frequency to control nutrient in tank. Other than that, i want to remove my current RDSB, feels its taking too much space inside the cabinet.

Beside that ... i dun know my No3 reading, so have to buy that thing 1st LOL.

In mean time, keep reading this topic on several site for now
By the way this NP Biopellets is available at Oceanic Aquarium.

My birthday LOL

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Those who have not wish me yet .. please do so...hahaha .. anyway thaks for all comments/msg/greeting etc

For today nothing much happening, just teman my neighbor to Oceanic and GV to find something for his tank. He just cycling his tank less than a week...

Maybe this can be a reference to others what its NOT cycle
  • put a just a fresh water in tank (no salt) - no its not funny its happened, better put that water in baldi dont u think so?
  • no life rock, no sand and no nothing - i dun see how the cycle will start if just a saltwater.
For further reading on nitrogen cycle, the topic can be read here

And for another note, even if your water is already clear for the 1st 2-3 days doesn't mean its already ok to put any fish. Its not ok!

GV again?

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What a boring day! .. so just jalan jalan cari makan .. hehe

went to GV and met with Mr Ketam and Mr Orang Tua =D .. nothing much to talk about. But a bit interested with what he said
  • be friend with other forumers cause they always give freebies ;)
  • go for SPS - this is for sure racun part
As for point no 1, i do agree with him .. and for the 2nd part he added for a long term members can exchange frags .. so its actually a cost cutting! we going to spend a lot if want to have every SPS! for me its a yes and no... and i believe i'm not ready (believe its going to cost me a lot to jump ship + do not have appropriate knowledge its cost me another bomb)

and the other note, SPS more challenging compare to other type of coral. Yeah but i think i do not persuade challenge for now ;) so sifu i'll skip SPS for now ;)

Happy to met both of u .. thanks

Jom Oceanic

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Went to Oceanic just now .. need a new replacement for T5 and some other thing... not many people at that time .. so its just nice.

- 2 new t5
- vege clip - the old just broken again .. damn
- target feeder - no need to menyelam lagi .. hehhe

nampaknya abis lagi duit aku .. huhuhuhu. Saw still have some coral in the shop, nice open brain corals, some Xenia, sps, and several other lps and softies... just lazy to list it all.

And also saw new skimmer nice Deltec and Becket :D .. i just dun bother to ask cause i already have one :P

So its just a quick shopping and go home.

GV new fish and coral shipment

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Went to GV yesterday and told me that new arrival will arrive around 730 yesterday. Obviously i'll not going there last night =D

So today, pay them a visit and checkout whats new. To be honest a lot of them has been take away already. BUT still have a lot PBT, nemo, some mo0rish idol/banner fish, some angels and alot of gobbies

As for coral still have some zoa/button, xenia and some acropora..

Saw some of reefer from chuisui .. but bit shy to say hi .. heheh.. nvm

So bring several new corals back.
1- xenia
2- elegant
3- orange with green skirt zoa
4- yellow polyps/button
It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.