Jalan jalan Puchong LFS

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Since nothing much activity for today, went to jalan jalan around Puchong LFS.. GV and Oceanic. GV have new fish shipment for today and more for tomorrow. For full list of new fish shipment, please refer to this thread. While Oceanic will only have new fish/coral shipment on early March, as appear on their facebook.

Anyway finally Oceanic have the filter sock and the holder on their shelves.. but the price its a bit higher compare to what i have before. Since i dun really want to wait i just bought several more of the filter shock so i can start using it again after the disaster last time.


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Went to GV yesterday, not sure if the corals and fishes just arrived or old stock. I'm not going to any LFS recently so not quite sure BUT they have another more shipment for fish and coral for today. Anyway that's the news i got yesterday, so not sure if the stock arrived.

Other than looking around, managed speak to a couple who are interested to terjun masuk lubang ... heheheh. To be honest i can't advise them much about the setup coz they really looking for a minimal requirement and budget for a start. Hope they'll doing fine with that and read more about this hobby.

Anyway if you are reading this, maybe for next time u may need to consider buy/do :
  • new tank with sump
  • skimmer
  • add some rock
  • buy salt + hydrometer (dun buy prepared saltwater)
  • read/join Malaysia Marine Club (please read sticky topic 1-6 in this forum)
  • enjoy
Since i promised to lend my chiller, i also bring the chiller along with me and leave it at the store. Hope he manage to get it soon ;). Other than that nothing interesting happened... life goes on.

FISH Philosophy

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Joined this FISH Philosophy Training at the office yesterday... however it not something related to any tank! Its just like motivation course. Its a good course i think which is basically cover 4 main points "Be There","Play", "Make Their Day" and "Choose Your Attitude".

Well its licensed training program which i believe really make my day by joining this course. Ermmm... so far not many course/training which i really can appreciate  but this is one of i think worth my 2 hours. Its fun .. its educational .. its useful and its really help me to always think positive and enjoy whatever i do. to be exact even tho i did enjoy myself before but i do limit some of the element for a certain group of people instead of everyone. To gain more self satisfaction in whatever i do i believe i should apply what i've learn to every group of people.

Good luck for me and for further reading please refer to this site

Coral Reef

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Recently read bout coral reef writeup which is a very good explanation bout coral reef here. Coralscience.org explained very well bout the coral anatomy, zooxanthelle, how coral reproduced etc and the most important its very easy to understand.

Expecting newborn in June ;)

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Alhamdullilah .... am i too excited? not sure myself ... but i'm happy for myself and my family for future addition to family ;) been trying to refrain myself to add or buy anything new to my tank but i did add cleaner fish last month which i think its ok since the fish not cost the bomb.

So what next? maybe slowly shopping for newborn instead of aquarium equipment and LS. Till then i'll continue with my usual thing with my tank and hope will not spend too much on this tank thing!
Coral Shop releases new organic test kit which is suppose to check DOM level in tank. This is interesting test kit which is finally i believe i can stop thinking about skimmer performance.

It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.