SPS hard to care? Think again!

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Recently "Fabianlkp" show to everyone on the Malaysia Marine Club that SPS coral not as hard everyone think to care. With a energy saving bulb (24W), skimless and without chiller (temp aroun 29-30C), he manage to grow and make the coral stand out!

Anyway this is not for everyone, he has what it takes to make this successful. I believe he strongly understand what he do. I think the best thing he manage to keep his tank ultra low nutrient! which is i believe is the key of his success. Anyway for more reading please refer to this post at chuisui. This is just impressive!

Major TT at Oceanic 9 Jan 2011

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There will be Malaysia Marine Club TT next year. The location, date and time as follow

Date: 9 Jan 2011
Time: 9.30 am
Location: Oceanic Puchong

For more information please refer this chuisui topic. I think i can make it this time cause its just nearby :D. Anyway if anyone need the location map please refer to this post.

Some ideas why aquarium hobby

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Maybe a good vid to show why we like it :D

Happy Birthday Nur Ariana

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Happy Birthday to my beloved daughter Nur Ariana 12 Dec. ;)

Citizen of the Sea

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Research more than 10 years by more than two thousand scientist from countries across the world has been booked by National Geographic book, Citizens of the Sea.

 To checkout the other's reviews bout the books, please refer to amazon website, or need to know more about the books check out NatGeo Website.
Just coming back from GV Marine Puchong, they are very busy unpacking new fishes from indon. There are a lot of blue tang, nemo, some angels, some butterfly fish etc etc. Not spend much time to look around for the fishes cause i'm more interested with coral shipment at the moment. For more info bout the lastest shipment please refer to this thread.

There also still have a lot of clams, sea horse, and mini anemone available. If u need a map direction to GV Aquarium please refer to this post.

My tank view

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Been lazy to take picture of the tank since the camera always take a blue pic even already set the white balance. Since the bulb is almost expired, so i'm taking this opportunity to change a blue bulb to a white. Tadaaa .. now its easier dun have to susah payah setting the white balance, the auto will do already. But too bad the tank is not so nice and algae all over the glass. Anyway its ok i think, the schedule maintenance just around the corner. ;)

Anyway, the reading for important thing like NO3, Ammonia and PO4 all undetected (Sera test kits)

Malaeka Sofea

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Anak sedara baru! yeah! ... my sister's first born child. Little cute girl always smile ;)

World most amazing reef tank!

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Recently found this site which featured several famous reef tanks around the world. Most of the owner/tank already well known to most of the reefer. So i believe no introduction is needed.

The site have a lot of features which is quite useful for the visitors. As for example, checkout their system profile.. it may give some ideas how these great tank has been manage etc etc. Anyway i like the gallery the most...featuring all wonderful life stock in the aquarium. Go checkout yourself visit http://www.amazingreeftanks.com
It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.