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Finally powder brown tang died from white spot disease, day before that...it was free from that parasite .. dunno what happened but the parasite its back on the night ... later died on the following day...

The aiptasia is coming back! something that i really hate. This time, they are more compare than before. Nothing much i can do about that, finish up half a bottle Aiptasia X on them. I think this was related to poor skimmer performance. Time to upgrade? not sure cause the next better skimmer for me cost a lot :D... so as for now let it be 1st. Other causes like PO4 or NO3 is almost impossible right now, cause both undetected since NP Biopellet running in this tank.

Other that, im buying my 2nd SPS coral ... just a small frag. Anyway my intention just to see if they can thrive in my tank. So far they are doing ok i think, this new coral been added bout a week. If this coral doing ok within several months, i might consider to adding more SPS.I might consider adding activated carbon for later to do another job for me .. .chemical warfare going to happen...yeah... maybe later will need to do some coral arrangement too... lets see if what will happen to this coral first.

How to clean Lion Fish?

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If anyone terasa nak makan lion fish, please refer to steps below:
  1. Heat neutralizes the toxins in the lionfish. If possible apply heat to venomous dorsal spines before cleaning.
  2. Remove the dorsal spines along the back of the fish by cutting into the flesh along each side of the row of spines. After loosening, pry them off. Some find a strong pair of kitchen scissors or tin snips to be easier to accomplish this.
  3. Remove the anal and pelvic spines by cutting from the base.
  4. Remove remaining fins.
  5. Scale the fish; they are small and easily removed.
  6. Gut and fillet the fish as usual.
  7. Dispose of spines so they do not present a hazard to others. Burn if possible.
  8. Season and cook per your preferences.
If you are wonder why these lion fish become a prey, refer this link for more reading.

Kisah aquarium

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Lama tak update @ citer sorang sorang. Banyak benda berlaku dalam sebulan nih.. ada yang best dan ada yang tak best.

Start dari open house dulu, seperti yang dijangka soalan sama akan ditanya. So jawapan agak samalah yang dapat. Tapi kali nih malas nak jawap dan matikan semua soalan tu dengan "tak payahlah nyusahkan je" tapi tak der lah jawap cam tu kat semua orang ... yang mana mana macam betul betul nak tau terangkan je lah kat derang... tapi agak boring terangkan benda sama kat orang yang sama tiap tahun .. hahahaha

Cerita ikan yang baru beli "powder brown tang" pulak, so ikan nih dengan jayanya menjangkitkan white spot kepada semua tang yang lain dalam aquarium tu. Yang lagi best dia dah sihat walafiat.. yang lain berbintik bintik macam campak putih ... hehehe. So far tak der apa yang nak bimbang pasal tu semua still ok dan tak teruk mana.

NP biopellet pulak rasanya adalah satu benda yang paling berbaloi tahun nih... setakat ni NO3 and PO4 maintain undetected ... so bagus lah... cuma biopellet makin hari makin kurang (macam tinggal kelongsong aje) so sediakan duit tuk top up benda tu lagi .. hehehe

Skimmer pulak macam tak berapa best .. rasa macam nak upgrade/downgrade? tak sure apa term... tapi macam nak tukar dari beckett kepada cone .. nungkin skimz tapi sekarang pocket amatlah tidah merestui kalau nak beli tu ... hehehe .. so layan jek apa yang ada

ATO (automatic top off) working great, sekarang bersama dengan KH. So sekarang KH maintain 8-9 dkh. Salah satu benda yang simple tapi memberi banyak manfaat setakat nih... yang penting murah dan senang nak buat.
It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.