My Corals as of today

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Just for my own reference, as for today i have these corals

  • Red Mushroom
  • Green Stripe Mushroom
  • Green Mushroom
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Purple Bullseye Mushroom
Soft Coral
  • Toadstool
  • Trumpet Coral
  • Several Open Brain Corals
  • Green Bubble Coral
  • Torch Coral
  • Blastomosa
  • Gonipora
  • Alveopora
  • Cup Coral
  • Starburst Polyps
  • Glove Polyps
  • Normal brown button

Sea Fan
  • Blue Sea Fan

GV Coral Shipment

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Went to GV today, lot of new corals arrive.. cant recall all the coral but a lot of red mushroom thought its suitable for coming CNY ;) Also a lot of doughnut and open brain corals

The other coral might interest u maybe finger coral which coming with green color and normal brown color. Other than that just normal coral like toadstool and other soft corals.

Not sure can skip gonipora which its going to die anyway if keep in our aquarium. Not many can keep this coral longer than 1 year LOL.

And lastly still got orange sea fan and glove polyps before i left ;)

Other than that have to go urself to look at the stock.

Normally new coral and fish will be arrived at GV Saturday for fish and Monday for coral.

Blue Sea Fan

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Yeah .. finally im bought this type of coral .. but it was my mistake to start with a "expert only" coral.

So now what? let try to keep this coral, i already did some reading about this sea fan before but not much!

Since this sea fan not a photosynthesis coral ... its need to be feed. This is something i'm not good at :D . The good thing its not required a strong light so i can put it in any location in my tank.

Chaetomorpha Algae

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Went to collect Chaetomorpha Algae or chaeto yesterday from other forumer. This is the 1st time i put this thing on my filtration. As for now i have RDSB, TAF and now chaeto ;)

Anway this algae looks like rumput and grow from end to end creating long, stiff strands. This algae useful to reduce BOTH phosphates and nitrates from the water. So i would like to give it try how its can reduce nitrate from my aquarium.

And thanks again for the "penderma" hope i can re-gift this to the others later stage.


Add more life stock

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Agaknya macam tu lah setan cakap kat telinga setiap hari ... "jom pergi beli coral lagi.. tak cukup lagi tu"

ampess tul ... this happen this whole week.. tengahari jek ada jek perasaan macam nak pergi "tengok". Yeah .. i already finish my targeted work for this week .. so jom laa pergi .. another kata kata penguat setan tu bagi ...

Kalau dia berjaya esok lusa sampai lah lagi kat kedai tu tengok tengok .. hehehe which normally not only tengok tengok session lol

Actually i cant stand myself also since i know there is new shipment at GV ... apa lagi .. lagi lah kencang setan tu hasut jom lah pergi.

BUT all usaha setan setan tu takkan berjaya selagi dia tak ajak bini aku sekali .. cause i normally malas to go myself :D

Marble Sea Star

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Since my daughter love the sea star very much .. so i have decided to try it once again :D

Its the same species that i have last 2 years ... and to be honest i dun have any confident to keep this star fish for so long .. last time its was ended in 1-2 weeks time .. so i dun expect anything within the 1st month.

I was choosing this species because of the color and the most importantly its reef safe.

As far as how is it doing now ... its still hide behind rock and i believe its doing ok so far ;)

for more reading bout this star fish refer to this link

Another cannot tahan to post

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As title said .. i cannot tahan to post here instead of reply to the original topic to his experience in marine aquarium thingy.

I dun think being an honest post will give any harm to you .. instead of saying the true date/year of pic taken or the year u start, he put additional 11 years to his year of experience. No need to say this is pic taken on year 1999 cause we can clearly can see exif info .. date taken and what camera u using all there LOL .. its 2008!

Not sure what u get from this of kind of cheat? more respect perhaps .. but what do u think when ppl find out :D

Be honest to yourself ... how many years experience etc not really important. The most important is how u give back to community and how u enjoy the hobby.

p/s: i dun give anything yet to community :D

Several funny fish name in malay

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Found out this a while ago .. cant resist to post it LOL

Lets not wasting any time .. we begin with ikan kambing or normal name Bicolor Angelfish .. dun look like kambing for me lol .. no janggut also :D

Next 1 is ikan kerepek ... kerepek pisang agak nya ikan nih .. english name is Copperband butterflyfish ...

Ikan gerut-gerut lucky not perut perut :D .. anyway this is Six Bar Angelfish

And malay name for famous nemo @ clown fish is Ikan Ingu

All these name i got it from Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan

New LFS nearby

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Recently new fish shop open nearby my house LOL but sad nothing to shout about it .. they majorly in freshwater fish and they do have small aquarium for saltwater fish :D .. they have blue tang, nemo (of course) and the aquarium rascal damsel fish.

Since that aquarium dun have any coral maybe can donate my wrasse in sump to them :D

let see if i manage to catch that fish ;)

Regular WC

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Doing regular water change today... very tired!

Trying to dose KH buffer to increase KH .. but end up very cloudy water! .. after an hour decide to do water change again! ... wasting time only .. heheh

Also change rowaphos and remove sera siporax from sump. Other than that install a new auto feeder since the old one already broken :D. Also add a new vege clip ... its been 2 years plus and finally crack :(

1st time clean skimmer

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Since from start i never clean the skimmer cup cause hard to reach inside the cabinet... hait

So today make some mod and re-arrange things so skimmer cup easier to take out next time. For the first time clean ... the dirt is like 2-3 cm on the cup ..iskk iskk isk .. no wonder the skimmer performance very poor.

Beside that i change the skimmer pump to RIO 20 HF ... the only thing dun like bout this pump is the sound .. a bit irritating. But since its the only thing i can afford now .. so ok lah no complain.

My Marine Aquarium Update

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Ah dah lama tak update!

between now and then i already lost several corals and added several :D .. i'm lost my first toadstool, hairy green mushroom and gonipora. I also added several more brain coral, toadstool, zoa, purple xenia,gonipora and purple mushroom.

For a fish im lost my algae blenny and added a new black blenny :D and purposely kill bi-color blenny cause nipping on my coral! hard to catch it .. so have no choice just close the hole while it was inside ...

Then other update i got myself a small tank for freshwater! .. never plan this .. but kesian ikan tu .. found it jumping on the road.. dunno where its coming from ... plan to throw it/give away but my wife wanted to keep it .. :D


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Another marine shop around Puchong which absolutely a worth to visit!

Anyway dun expect to see the normal shop! .. u need to use back door LOL ... BUT the price are very very very affordable and can i say cheap?

NO19,21 ,JALAN UTAMA 1/6 ,


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