Updates .. after so long

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Never update for quite sometimes after bz playing Mafia War ... anyway in between that time alot of thing happening .. all of my new addition coral (clove and toadstool) dead .. reason dunno why will try that again later.

I'm also had a problem with wave maker! so now only left 1 cap ayam + 2 seio wave maker running .. other all dead :D .Because of that i need re arrange the rock work to avoid dead spot area. nothing much change anyway just adding several more rock and moving the second island rock to the left.

At the same time also skimmer pump also kaput! wah need more money!! Bought a new pump for it but it was too strong! aahhh a bit bad luck here .. trying to sell this pump, please refer to this link for RIO 32HF pump

Other than that i have weipro 2014 to let go also .. will put on sale later if got time :D

Toadstool & Purple Clove Added

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Added 2 new coral during the weekend :D

Toadstool and and Purple clove as a replacement for Pipe organ coral .. So far already open up but not fully yet .. tired waiting!

And for toadstool coral .. have a problem to put at suitable place .. ermm anyway now .. just put what i plan before .. let see how its will do .. as for now the coral not open yet .. menyembah bumi lagi .. ampess

hope everything will be ok next 2-3 days.. picture will follow after the coral open up :D
Its been 4 years (almost) for Malaysia Marine Club online .. They do design a shirt for the anniversary. If any of u interested .. please go to this thread at Malaysia Marine Club Forum and place order and make payment before 15 Aug. Not so much time left LOL

Anyway hope can see the club more active :D

2 Weeks after

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So far my all my coral acclimate very well in aquarium .. yeah its very a good news for me :D ... everything going very well so far.

As for brain and green bubble coral .. i do feed them with mysis shrimp .. its only 1-2 weekly. So far the brain coral will open very big during the light on.. i tot it suppose to open during light off? i was wrong :D .. its open like almost twice its skeleton size .. damn really happy bout that..

The green starbust polyps also showing very good progress .. maybe my imagination .. i feel like its start "conquering" the rock .. hope its not that fast till i know how cut it!

Other than that .. i might sell my MH light set for T5 set .. its just too big and heavy i guess .. and the most important the single MH is 150 Watt .. its just crazy .. 2 MH already 300 Watt + 2 more PL .. isskk

Next Coral Addition

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There are still several corals for my next addition before i stop it and let it stable.From my 1st list still got 3 more corals.

Toadstool coral

easy coral also and very hardy!... the only problem that i might have is to position this coral since i have a bit strong water flow, other than that should be ok, i might put it at the middle and center of the aqurium between the 2 rock island.. not sure yet .. lets see how "fine" the coral.

Clove Polyps

This coral might a bit hard to get.I rarely see this coral at Oceanic. Beside hard to get .. other than that should be ok ... its also consider easy coral to start.

The last on the list is Pipe Organ Coral .. i might cancel it for other coral.. boring lah the color is white .. might get other color :D

Brain Coral

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Brain Coral

Another easy coral added for today, Coral Otak! .. eheh

The Trachyphyllia Brain Coral is also referred to as a Folded Brain, or Crater Coral and is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral. It may have a flattened, folded, or figure-eight shape. Its genus name, Trachyphyllia, comes from the Greek trachys (rough) plus phyllon (leaf) because it resembles a rough leaf lying on the sandy bed. There are two common species of Trachphyllia: T. geoffroyi and T. radiata. The T. radiata, which is usually more convoluted in appearance and has fused walls, was formerly called Wellsophyllia radiata, but the genus Wellsophyllia has now been eliminated.
Not sure how to describe this coral .. need more observation for several weeks ..

Green Bubble Coral

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Green bubble coral is another easy coral... its only required moderate lighting and water flow should be low to moderate.

Its a great coral for a beginner like me LOL

Just bought this today ... let see how its doing in my aquarium :D

My first coral

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my first 3 corals for try .. so far its doing ok ..

Red Mushroom

Green Stripe Mushroom

Evergreen Starburst

I'm not sure the correct name for the last coral... but i think its correct. As for now its still not fully open yet .. hope everything going to be ok later.

Planning to get some tomorrow ... not sure yet if got time :D

Whats on the list...

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Ah musim pergi kedai aquarium ikan lagi .. ehheh

So what on my list for coral shopping ... anyway i'll not buy these corals for a 1 shot! .. me not enough vitamin "M" to buy all LOL... so its just like a plan ... lets wait and see

Mushroom Coral
- Red - bought
- Green stripe - bought
- Blue

- clove
- pipe organ
- evergreen starburst - bought

Soft Coral
- Toadstool

- brain coral - bought
- bubble coral - bought

ermm .. not really know how much the total cost ... but im sure its costly! ... lets go slow slow ;)

So the plan .. i will try for hardy and easy coral 1st before going to the next ... ah so far the 3 mushrooms coral doing just great! its give me a bit confident :D

Moving chiller

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Ah finally got time to move the chiller to outside... cannot tahan already the heat produced by the chiller .. very hot! ..

Beside that .. the sound of the chiller also a bit annoying.. since i dun have a big drill .. need to ask indon help to do that for me .. ehhe... so after that .. start doing plumbing .. ah .. fail lah skill

the result not very nice tho!.. hhehahha .. but its ok lah .. as long as its serve the purpose and not make made bout the sound and heat .. then i dun care bout the looks.

now i can enjoy the better chilling speed .. not like before .. chiller chill the aquarium .. and aircond chill the chiller ... what a waste of energy lol

now its up and running!

Update on skimmer

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Today bangun pagi ... lepak jap lepas tu terus gi DIY shop .. beli apa yang patut.

After check apa yang tak cukup .. trosss jalan tak banyak cerita .. so beli hose 25mm 2 meter (saje je beli panjang sikit) + elbow (alah yg paip nya tu) + apa nama dia tu yg dr besar ke kecil nya + connector ke apa nama dia.

connector and elbow need mod since the ori sure cannot fit sump cause it will added too much length.. so apa lagi .. gergaji lah .. potong jek agak agak ngam ..

after settle all the mod .. pasang and test run .. since not detected any leaking .. terus masukkan dalam sump and test run lagi sekali ..

disebabkan ruang kerja kat sump sempit nak mampus ... so injured myself along the process .. never realize that LOL .. maybe too excited :D

the photos will follow later .. now just tired! and no camera battery to take pic .. esok lah

and will call indon tmr or next day to ask them do another piping to chiller. I'll place it outside my house since the air from chiller its just too hot!

New Equipment Update

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So now its confirm! .. bought

1- Beckett Skimmer 8" .. its big and tall!!
2- 2 x MH + 2x Arcadia Purple FL
3- 2 T5
4- Resun Chiller

Only chiller running so far .. other item need to store first until i'm free.

For the skimmer .. already remove 1 compartment in sump .. so now its can fit into sump .. damn tired! will continue tomorrow for running test... ermm need to buy piping for that and maybe need modification to fit into sump! and maybe need redo other piping esp for my FR and RDSB.

Hope everything going ok

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Just bought new Beckett skimmer + other lighting fixtures and chiller tooo ...

i think the better term for that is booking instead of order or bought lol ... something my wife should better not knowing till reach home :D .. otherwise abis ehheeheh

i can't resist since its a very damn good buy, something that i consider hard to believe cheap! so without thinking twice .. call that guy and confirm :D

lets wait till the items arrive and update again on that

Finally connect tru streamyx!

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After a about 1 month with streamyx problem .. now manage to online using streamyx!

And finally that guy came to fix ... lucky at home today so no more stupid reason. Anyway i dun know that guy is "OKU" since he dun have both hand ... but for me its not a ticket to lie!

Hopefully no more problem .. tired of stupid connectivity problem anymore!

Streamyx memang cam celaka!

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Streamyx Sucks
ahaha .. aku pon tatau cam mana nak describe tahap kesabaran yg dah hapir sebulan streamyx macam hampes @ tak leh connect langsung

Starting from early last month .. connection always dc (already make a report) but not action :D ... again ada buat report lagi sekali seminggu selepas tu ... pon sama kali nih part yang paling macam gampang .. tatau lah orang orang nih buat kerja ke saje jek curi tulang.

Urutan report/complain
  • 1st day call buat report ... cam biasa 100 support tanya apa masalah .. so cakap connection always drop and now dc cant connect!
  • 2nd day ... call lagi .. tanya bila nak settle ... ok jawapan nya benda ni kena bagi 2 hari berkerja untuk settle .. ok fine ..
  • 3rd day .. call lagi .. tanya amacam dah settle ke? sebab tak leh pon connect nih .. dengan selamba support tu cakap report sebelum tu dah settle .. SETTLE KEPALA HOTAK KO! .. kalau dah settle tak der plak aku call. OK dia cakap nak kena buat report baru!!! apa jadah report baru? yang lama tak settle ko cakap settle .. call ke apa confirm tak ada .. now new report which has to wait another 2 days!!! WTF!!
  • since no choice layan laaaa
  • 4th day .. call lagi .. dia cakap akan settle ari nih .. hantar technician .. tapi batang hidung pon tak nampak
  • malam call lagi .. tanya benda sama .. dan jawapan dia pon sama KENA TUNGGU 2 HARI BEKERJA .. damn u .. 4 hari berkerja dah!
  • 5ft day .. call lagi .. tanya soalan sama .. jawapan dia agak best .. cakap techinician dah datang ke "KEDAI" dan berkunci .. WHAT A STUPID REASON!!! .. 1st its not kedai .. rumah laa bongok .. 2nd I"M WORKING FROM HOME!!! dun lie to me that u came here!!! .. 3rd u have phone my phone no! .. why dun u give a call before came here? stupid moron.
  • Then that support girl quickly corrected the comment... erkk aa rumah rumah bukan kedai .. then i ask about the reason 2nd and 3rd reason above .. AND again correct his comment said the technician guy went to "port box" tatau apa nama yg tepi jalan tu .. SO I ASKED HER.... APA JADAH COMMENT ASYIK BERTUKAR? .. KALAU PERGI KE BOX TU.. DALAM TU ADA ORANG KE? since the first comment said nobody and locked!
  • They gave technician office phone no and ask to call them directly
  • Next day call lagi .. and looking for person name "NIZAM" since he added those stupid comment before in the report!.. the india guy pick a phone gave the his no ..
  • Call this NIZAM .. and he said will come to my house around 1pm
  • i did asked him .. tau tak kat mana rumah nih? and the answer was .. ya tau tau .. yang dekat hospital tu kan? and my answer was .. Tak ada hospital kat sini.... Aaa yaya ada client name Rozita nak kena buat cable kat situ .. nanti saya pergi situ sekali ...
  • anyway .. he never showed up and never pick up the phone after that. Call lagi 100 .. argue lagi pasal stupid service.. and not only line is lembab .. also the response and ALL ARE SUPER CIPAN LEMBAB.
  • 100 support promise to call him .. so i just let it be .. after a while .. got a return call from TM that guy will come ..
  • so call again on the next day .. this time they send another guy to fix it .. so its went back online with a disconnection for every 3-5 mins!!
  • lodge another report again ..
  • ingatkan modem .. ampesss .. dorang punya line lagi laaaa .....macam gampang
  • This is the 4th week since 1st report .. on moday after work .. try to cnnect again ... DAMN!! NOT AGAIN!!
  • now the argue with 100 support call back to square 1 .. they close a report even that problem is not solved! and create a new report so that i have to wait another 2 days in every report created!... so for the last report this week .. its already 3rd report they created for a latest problem!!... WTF!
  • till now no connection
so for now cant do anything .. the agreement also make a user cannot terminate account before time limit ..

just wonder why streamyx not efficient at all handling user complain ..
  1. close a report even not solved (not call the user for confirmation)
  2. close a report also even not solved (call user for confirmation)
  3. what the hell 2 days limit? the technician simply put already fix even not fix it .. and put "immaginary comment" ...
  4. why the technician cannot call the user before come?
  5. why no confirmation call while work on the problem
  6. why must CHEAT the user and thiking that user is stupid
  7. and the best for all .. why make a appointment when cant commit
  8. and please answer the call when we call
and for now ... the reason is .. cable putus because of contruction site nearby ... AND the question to them .. why only me cant connect? while others can? ITS NOT A CABLE PUTUS LAAAA BENGONG!!! .. kalau putus semua orang pon tak boleh laaa .. kalau ye pon putus gila lama korang nak betul kan ..

Anyway banyak benda tak cerita kat atas tu ... macam soalan bodoh derang tanya .. ada ke patut tanya aku "APASAL TAK BOLEH EH?" .. dapat sebijik laa dia ... "SAYA TAK BEKERJA DENGAN STREAMYX ... MANA LAH SAYA TAU"

As for the result from their so call fixed for previous problem .. was from bad to worst
  1. at the beginning - connection always drop
  2. DSL line drop (no dsl light at modem) - but still make/receive call
  3. no dsl line and no phone tone
  4. With DSL line but connection drop almost 3-5 mins (only stable at certain time)
  5. DSL line light ok .. but cant connect + noise phone line. (current problem)
Update for today
  • semalam cakap today will solved .. 1st call said 6/7 akan solved .. selepas penat membebel .. agak nya dia drop call tu so kena call laa balik
  • dapat peluang lagi sekali membebel ... hehe.. this time they said .. technician will make appointment esok .. WTF .. esok drang cuti .. nak datang konon jangan harap!!! .. kalau ye pon nak datang esok tak boleh call ke client tu a day sebelum datang? main redah jek ... pastuh nanti cakap dah datang lagi ... datang gi kedai .. ahahahha...
  • lousy

This the no that u can call (technician) for Saujana Putra and Klang area
  • nizam - 013 234 1346 .. you are lucky if he pickup the call or solve your problem.. instead he will added to your report he came to your shop and lock :D (even tho its a house)
  • Office - 03-80241445 and 03-33744893
  • kamal - 013 676 9273
  • razak - 013-3503669 - i'm never call this no yet .. dunno
Lastly for streamyx support/technician dun ask user any stupid question/comment like
  • "encik guna connection manual ke auto?" dah sah guna 2-2 kalau dah try cam macam tak leh connect
  • i simply said manual .. i tried all already .. without router.. auto .. manual .. direct .. change cable.. change modem .. change notebook also .. all same stupid cant connect!
  • "manual tu macam mana tu encik?" another stupid question i think
  • boleh ping ? ping etc etc etc .. the problem not related to that ... please do something else!!! if you are saying that is you troubleshoot to my problem ... i cant imagine how stupid u are!
  • also dun give a comment said "saya dah hubungi pihak technician dan benda ini akan di selesaikan secepat mungkin" .. what no u call? can give me a number? when i asked that question u cant give me the no saying that the technician do not provided the no to call.. so HOW DO U CALLED HIM? AND SAID TO ME THAT THEY WILL SOLVED THAT?
  • and dun ask me how and why cant connect .. told u already .. that your job! i already cooporate as much as i can.
  • dun ever said u solved it while its NOT! .. tak marah pon jadi marah
  • dun ever lie to customer that u came to his house while u were not!
Why i'm really mad?
  • im using the internet todo my work (i'm working from home)
  • i have damn alot of work to do this month which has to finish up damn fast!
  • yes i have other connection to do my work (maxis 3g and dialup) but it also suck and not solving the streamyx problem.
  • its ok to delay IF they want to pay my salary
  • answer to my boss while im not able to finish the work within given time. (i need to work on server... so need internet connection!)
  • because all the excuses not make sense at all!!!
  • treat me very damn stupid ... like i dun know anything.. and like i dun communicate with the other people within this area.


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Ermm .. almost the same question over and over again. "Ada coral ke?" the answer will be always no at the moment.

Anyway i do plan to have coral at later stage. But now a lot of thing not in order yet so i dun bother to have a coral yet. Others dun have any problem with a coral why should i wait? Easy answer .. the same people after 1-2 month come back with a lot of problem .. die .. lost ... algae outbreak etc.

This happened because of no proper planing i think. Its only because of " i want to have it also". ahah ... and because of that i dun want any of problem that they facing. So better late rather than having having that much trouble.

I was planning to have chiller by this month, but skip that at the moment cause got some problem with other reported that chiller kick in bout 24 hours .. wow that costly! Its mainly related to hot weather now. So better wait 1st .. lets update the other thing 1st.

have to wait longer LOL

Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab

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Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab

New cleanup crew added to my tank recently. I'm never bother to buy this before, so not really have any idea how effective they are. But i'm quite surprise with the "job" done by this little fellow. I only have one of this to try out... so far certain area of the rock become white lol ...

For my need, i think 1 is enough.. so i can minimize they fight each other or killing my snails!

I'm not sure if they are suitable for reef tank cause some said it will bothering some coral... and some said its reef save.

Anyway i think its great addition to my cleanup crew ;)

Life Stock Update

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I've lost several fish last 2 week. Reason jump out from aquarium! .. aksi acrobatic .. i'm lost all my dart fish and 2 firefish .. 4 or them! ..

Anyway i bought 3 more fish last friday :D ... i just want to buy the wrasse, too bad 1 of them die before reach home. May be weather too hot? not sure .. maybe its already nyawa nyawa ikan before that. Another 2 is six line wrasse and 1 goby.

Right now the small goby already jump into overflow box and in the sump now. Too lazy to catch it back. Nobody ask it to jump into overflow box at first place :D... its very small fish! .. that why its can swim into overflow!

My wife got another lesson lol .. dun buy very small fish! .. its will swim into that area and very hard to cactch it!

Other than that 3 fishes .. i bought 1 more snail and 1 hermit crab ... so far hermit doing well .. do what its suppose to do :D

More SEIO and New RIO

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Finally i've no choice to buy a new RIO pump for my skimmer, its does run before after i said it was broken. But since saturday ... its finally kiok .. no more sound .. or whatever.

So after normal wc on the afternoon, went to Oceanic again .. with a mission to buy a new pump for skimmer and also additional SEIO M1100.

Found out new life stock shipment arrived! but dun care, i need new pump and wave maker. Just go and checkout yourself. I dun pay any attention whats new and whats hot! so do check out yourself


SEIO M1100

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Just bought it today :D... horayy .. but still not enough flow :(, need to buy 1 more M1500, need to replace cokia sun sun wave maker!

So far its good ... now 3 wm in my tank. Yes its a bit UGLY having too many WM. So what i'm thinking now just buy another one more SEIO to replace 2 sun sun WM, hope it will enough.

Even thou right now its like a small tornado everywhere, but its still not enough to cover dead spot in certain area. Need to try and error later, but now i need to rest after a hectic month of my work!

Have a nice day!

Turbo Snail Baby!

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Yeaaaha .. after saw these snail doing so many times "ritual" (sperm-ing) thing.. finally i'm able to see baby snail on my sump lol.

Im just noticed this about last week. I thought just 1 baby snail, but yesterday i saw at least 5 of them :D ... hope can can survive in the sump. Anyway i just add small cured rock to the sump section. Now they have home :)

I'm never hope the breeding successful at the first place because of, its never happend before (in my past experience) and the egg mostly got eaten by chromis ;)

So hope they can breed more, and dun have to buy snail anymore... yahooo

Skimmer out of order

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Uwaaa .. my tank running without a skimmer right now.Rosak since 2 days ago.. nothing much i can do for now, my life very damn busy within this month. I hope can buy a new pump by this weekend, hopefully.

Some people not actually running skimmer if they have algae turf, but i'll not follow thier footstep because these 2 thing have different purpose.

I might be looking to a new wave maker also .. if pocket allowed me to do so ... its still early to say that anyway.. lets go to LFS first.

HLLE and other Updates

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Its been very damn busy month lol... since i'm working from home, i'm not even have time to lepak lepak outside. Spending most of my time infornt my notebook and anly look at my code! .. wth i wish my life become more easier after this project.

Anyway .. i still have 5 min each day to look at my fish :D .. now both tangs in a better condition, the mark around BT gradually less after removed activated carbon and doing 2 x 20% WC. Hope they will become healthy as usual after a month.

Arghh, i'm suppose to go Malaysia Marine Club TT at Oceanic this morning. Not managed to go anyway... got so many thing to fix (my work again), so hope there will more TT next time. I'm never join any so far :D

Now take a break from non stop work doing this update and later watching F1 ;) and WC!

Mantis Shrimp sighted

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Tadaaa... after long time never "tilik tilik" my aquarium, yesterday i found out mantis shrimp in a small hole in the most biggest rock in aquarium. The size not so big, i think less than 1cm maybe about 0.5cm only or maybe less. Hard to tell cause only see the head.

So whats the big deal about this little creature?

Is a mantis shrimp bad for your setup?

If you plan on including fish and other invertebrates such as crabs, hermit crabs, etc in your tank, then the answer is an unequivocal yes. Since most tropical marine organisms are relatively expensive to purchase, the continued loss of specimens would definitely make even the most mild-mannered aquarist into a would-be "Rambo" mantis hunter and killer. Some comments gleaned from the web (stripped of addresses to protect identity):

  • "I am sorry to discourge you not to put that "devil" into your tank! That damn thing is really a pain. About two years ago, I had a 4.5" M. Shrimp in my 150 gallon tank (By accident only). It killed my baby lemon shark and ate every 'move' stuffs in my tank. After it ate everythings in the tank, it even crack the glass of my tank. So, be smart and not to put that devil in....." (in response to a person who wants to keep a mantis shrimp).
  • "Sorry, I call your flower a weed (but then again, I've lost at least 30 fish to those things). My advice is to not be a flower head and just kill the thing." (in response to another person who wants to keep mantis shrimps).
  • "mantis shrimp are viscious killers. Like any animal they will always find something to eat, probably you mollusks. Get rid of it before it gets to big."
  • "after spending a few yrs in Hawaii, and running into many mantis shrimp, i really enjoy smashing them w/ the end of a wooden pole; mushing them into the substrate and letting its former victims gnaw on its offensive carcass. it works for me, anyway."
  • If that did not convince you of the inherent "evil" nature of the mantis shrimp, then nothing ever will, and I am sure you will find the rest of this site (and not only the "How-to get rid of" portions) an enjoyable read indeed.

So what now? i also dun know. I'm going to kill it someday anyway. But still dunno how to do it yet. I'll update on the progress later, maybe will create a trap or just remove the big rock and remove it manually.

Activated Carbon

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Activated carbon has been removed from my filter compartment. This is due to suspected low in nutritional in aquarium.

I have been using this carbon from the start and now 2 of my tangs suffer HLLE. Im believe is this is the main cause for the disease. For now they are ok, response to feeding very well. The only thing is its not very pleasure to watch them with some mark on the face and lateral line worn away.

I'm not sure if other thing cause this "environment problem", so far i concern all other water parameter are good. The only thing i can do now, doing WC normally and no more activated in the system.

Food provided also consider ok, not sure if not enough lol since i have provide them with about 5 different pallet and nori.

As for now let see if they can do better without activated carbon
Major Chuisui TT will be organize next 26 April!

Location : Oceanic Aquarium Puchong
Date/Time : 26 April (10am)

What so special about this TT anyway? Its suitable for everyone(ehem for those from Malaysia Marine Club), Oceanic will give special discount on selected product and new life stock.

Anyway for registration and more info please refer this post on chuisui.com



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Amphipods population now take over some of the area in my sump. Is it bad? i dun think so .. i just hope they can grow more .. buat kampung kat situ .. now their movement very limited i think. If they move to other section, they will end up in my wrasse stomach. Thats a good news for me dun have to feed my wrasse down there :D

So what is amphipod? do i have any picture of them in my sump? hell no .. its very small to capture using my super classic camera :D, maybe this picture can give some ideas how this little creature looks like.

Their population been there for quite sometimes now. The only new thing i realize mostly of them now reside at my Algae Scrubber area. Not sure if they eat the algae, maybe they do and maybe not. But most articles said its suitable place for pod breeding, so hope they can breed more. The other section only have a super small amphipods which hardly can be seen anyway and i dun even know is it pod or bubles :D

Since there are good for fish, i mean fish love to eat this :D .. macam makan udang agak nya.. do we need to speed up this creature population? My answer simply no if using supplement food to speed up cause it will polute the water even more! I'm prefer to let them populate by themself .. no need to forced them to breed :D ... let them enjoy hidup bujang .. ehhehe

So let them have a happy live like u do ;)

Earth Hour

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Its already pass .. hehe.. so did you off the light? shame on u if u don't!

I called my mom.. even she did! ... she dun know anything what the hell is global warming etc .. but supported it! I'm proud of her :D

I did off my home light .. its not that long, just for 1 hour. Chit chat with my neighbor takes longer than that ... but shame on us, during that we did burn some stick call "rokok" eheheh .. i dun think its count :D

So hopefully u enjoyed the dark mode :D

Ikan : Lyretail Wrasse

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Lyretail Wrasse @ Lunare Wrasse

This fish also known as moon wrasse. I bought this fish about month ago. What i can say bout this fish? its more dedicated doing his job compare to my last six line wrasse. But the bad thing bout this fish (not bad actually) is "Kuat Makan"! My other fish not able to eat because its just too fast!

So now this fish reside in my sump :D. Now still waiting to transfer to a new home. Weh Apis bilalah ko nak ambil nih .. heheh..

Successful Saltwater Aquarium

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Nowadays the successful rate to keep saltwater aquarium are very high. Those who are not successful normally because they all "DEGIL" .. heeheh

Yet its still depending how you defined successful. For me no life stock lost and live well within a year without any problems are successful. So how u defined that its up to you, but generally you will have more time to enjoy it rather than trying to fix it!

Successful normally related how you maintain the aquarium water parameter. NOT how much you spend or how "Canggih" your equipment are.

Its sound easy eh? yeah it is ... just worry about your water change every week, 2 week or once a month. The frequency its depending on how many your life stock and how efficient your filter. Maybe can refer to this water change calculator for better picture.

Generally the failure cause by "TAK SABAR" .. yeah this probably the most frequent word you will see in any marine club/website/forum. Patience is the key! Let the start up aquarium fully cycle in order bio filter to build up. This also apply when you introduced life stock to aquarium, make it slow... no need to rush, again for enough bacteria to cater with new addition LS. WHY? new addition life stock mean more waste, so need more bio-filter.

So conclusion is, the technology is here not like in the past. Skimmer, CR etc are easily can get in any LFS, the only thing to make this a successful hoby is how you manage your patience. Other than that plan whatever you want to do NOT do then plan. Its can be done but prepare for the worst.

Post from my HTC Diamond

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Never this before, so trylah sekali... Why now? Cause tengah rilex and away from my notebook and not posting for so long already!

Pendek kata saje suka suka only.

This is the most simplest diy auto top off water i did recently. Actually this not even can called a DIY project because its very simple to build.

I'm not using any pump, electric or what so ever that i have to buy :D.

- To replace evaporated water from aquarium

The material used :
  • again my empty salt bucket (25kg)
  • valve control (i take out from my previous DIY sulphur Denitrator)
Other thing need to consider
  • run a test for leaking before plug to your aquarium
  • since its a dripping based, find most suitable drip per second for your own need.
If you looking to a proper diy auto top off using floating pump, please refer to this thread at chuisui

Sleeper Gold Head Goby

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Sleeper Gold Head Goby

I bought this fish about 1 month ago... and today it’s dead! i kill 1 more innocent fish today ...

So start from now .. No more gobby and the gang cause its will starve to death! Not taking any prepare food, the only thing it’s did cleaning the sand! Maybe it hope get some food from that... heheh but its not! At least not enough.

I've done everything i could to make this fish survive... but this fish mogok lapar... so nothing can do lol. Thanks to this fish... my diatom disappearing after several hours lights on. And now... i just hope my blenny will continue his job: D

I'll remind my wife bout this, when she going to buy a new fish again! I dun care the cost of the fish (actualy this fish cost less RM20, dunno the exact price... hehehe) ... but it will die if still not enough pods@food in the tank!.

So next time only VEGE fishes are allowed...heheheh


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What the hell??? cipan apa tu sump? ehehhe... jumlah ke? .. ahha.. tu SUM lah not SUMP!

Mungkin sejenis ikan? apa kejadah nya ikan... sump dalam kata mudah tempat untuk letak filter media, biasanya dibuat daripada kaca bersamaan dengan aquarium jugak.

So bila tengok kat bawah aquarium ada aquarium kecik dan mempunyai beberapa compartment .. itu lah sump nama dia, bukan katak.. bukan juga aquarium kedua yang tak berguna!

Jadi apa kegunaan sump? kegunaannya samalah macam description dia.. tempat letak filter media! .. heheheh. Senang citer kegunaan nya adalah:
  • boleh menambahkan jumlah air untuk aquarium
  • tempat letak filter media
  • dah nama dia filter.. so dia akan jadikan air dalam aquarium lagi ok
  • mudahkan nak tukar air
  • promote water stable
Sebenarnya yang paling penting sump (in my opinion :D) memudahkan nak tukar air, jadi tak perlu lah memanjat tangga/bangku untuk ambil air dari main tank. Kan senang leh buat sambil duduk jek :D

Selain daripada tu .. takkan nak letak carbon dalam main aquarium plak .. tak ke kelakar nama dia .. tetiba ada 1-2 bag carbon dalam tu .. isskkk.. nak letak skimmer pon senang .. inside/outside sump not a problem since ease of plumbing to skimmer. Kalau letak kat dalam aquarium .. dah lah serabut ngan pump untuk skimmer .. then will lead to bubble problem (from skimmer).

Tu blom lagi kalau nak buat algae scrubber, RDSB, FR atau pon CR .. isskk memang lah menyusahkan diri .. benda mahal boleh beli... nak buat sump tak boleh .. hehehe

Yeah its optional! .. for me its a must .. dah try 2-2 dan amatlah nyusahkan kalau tak der sump.

Mungkin jawapan bila tak der sump adalah malas nak buat lubang kat aquarium! .. duss mungkin tak blaja Fizik dulu masa kecik kecik .. heheh.. benda ni senang jek nak solve dengan buat overflow pipe/box. Kalau tatau fizik pon tak per .. leh tanya pocket jek .. beli jek ready made overflow box (cost tatau, tak pernah beli).

Sump design plak depending on the owner.. 2/3/4 compartment its up to u! .. i'm prefer to go 3/4 compartment. Untuk tengok sump design boleh tengok sini.. cam macam ada.. ikut jek.

Feels Good

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Dalam kesibukan kerja yang melampau akhirnya ada jugak benda yang agak menyenangkan.

Yeah ... its just a small matter for a certain people.. its a big deal for me lol. I've been using water source with slightly have PO4 before and other things like fish waste, fish food etc which contribute to high level of PO4 (1.0ppm).

Now i can smile a bit when PO4 level undetected on my tank. Yahoooo... yeah i was only expecting its to be lowered not undetected! .. that make me really happy about it.

So what the steps i taken to make this happen?
- DIY Algae Turf
- Phosban
- Minimal feeding volume
- WC

i would say this is the main reason to decreases the PO4 level. I've been using this from Feb 13 with ROWAPHOS as a media. Yeah yeah yeah .. its worth of money to invest :D

DIY Algae Turf
This algae turf or what ever u called it, its just a simple thing to do and return a lot of benefits. What i need only a bulb and plastic screen to make algae live on it. After a month (in my case), this algae will cover all over the screen(need to clean weekly). So this ugly algae actually have a benefits specially to absorb PO4 and other thing also.

Feeding and Water change
Fish food normally have PO4! (cheap cheap must have- refer to label). So by reducing amount of feeding (just dun let the fish kurus kering!) actually reducing the amount of PO4 enter to tank. This eventually will reduced fish poo poo .. eheheh.. which also have other NH4.

Water change is the cheapest way to combat PO4 and NH4 problem. And fast too. I did increase water change volume so its help.

Racun dan meracun!

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How and when i started got poison myself into this hobby? Its was last 2 years ago (rasanya lah) when Rifdi told a good story about marine aquarium :D

After a year or less (2008) i got myself a 2 footer tank. Thanks again to Rifdi cause introduce me to Oceanic Aquarium. I was about to look around only ... but my wife said go on. Waaa .. so with a limited budget (pinjam ngan Rifdi RM50 sebab tak cukup) i bought some not so useful equipment.

I dun care much.. its a learning time .. but i could minimize it if i read Chuisui.com first ;).Anyway the shop never give me stupid advice like to buy kH buffer which some LFS did.

After ding dong quite sometimes i have this.

Then after a year with a limited space ... i bought a new tank 4 footer.

So its time to poison other people to join this hobby lol.

I'm tried several but they have superb anti poison .. eheh.. so finally Hafiz kena laa jugak. Sold everything i had to him. The most important thing bring him to LFS so he can poison himself better ahhahaha...

So the result now he have Nemo, Dori (Blue Tang), Goby and Damsel (i already told him never ever buy this fish) . Everything going fine till now...

So next .. trying to posion my neighbour into this hoby also ... hahaah .. till then i'll keep improving my tank which is not so great at all.

Malaysia Marine Club

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Marine Club for Malaysian?
Yes! ada lah.. Malaysia semua pon nak ada club sendiri ... tapi ada bagusnya join club club nih.

Malaysia marine club also known as Chuisui.com already online more than 3 years ago. So far have alot of topics for any type of saltwater tank u have. Its very good reference for a starter which is cover
So far, i keep reading the basic guide again and again.. yeah i miss the important part sometimes. What i can say is, its very good reference both experience reefer and newbie.

Other than that, its a forum! so ask anything u like.. there no such thing as stupid question. They normally will do their best to answer the question. But i'm prefer to use search function 1st before any question since most of the question already answered.

They also got several other section which i found very useful specially DIY section (its for a low budget like me :D), buy & sell section which u can fine very useful item at very low price!

Also get news (new LS and equipment update) from various local fish shop around Malaysia at one place.

Apa apa pon pergi tengok sendiri!


Diatom still there!

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Its been there for a while now ... sesetengah tank akan mengalami diatom yang semakin banyak setiap hari tetapi berlainan dengan my current tank.

Everyday .. diatom will make its appearance during 1 or 2 first hour when the lights on and slowly disapear after that.

I'm still figure out what actually help this situation. So i'm thinking my 3 tangs and goby eats some of them since i dun provide much food for them.

Other than that.. all other possiblities is impossible! WHY? i'm still have high NH4 reading .. slowly decrease PO4 reading which is

- NH4 : 0.5ppm
- PO4 : 0.25ppm

Hopefully this diatom thing will gone or less after this cause its a bit annoying and looks bad.

Ads dominated blog?

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ahahha .. now i place ads from google and nuffnang at the top! .. higher than anything else.. haha never in my life put any ads in any of my website/blog.

So ni more to experimental purpose only ... more to see .. betul ke org click benda benda ads nih .. tapi setakat nih ada jugak melaun yg click(sorang jek laa) .. iskk .. korang nih .. anyway aku nya browser tak nampak ads tu .. hehehe..

so pakai lah firefox + adblock plus k ..

overall this ads in my blog .. not my idea.. someone just tell me .. "letak jek! dapat jugak duit minum kopi" .. ahhaha.. funny .. with 1 click so far not even can buy me air kosong lol ... i'm not sure how he can say that .. maybe click by himself? dunno ... please refer to terms before clicking on your owns ads :D

Hope someone can buy me a drink instead of waiting this ads can buy me a drink!

Good luck!

Recent Blackout

Posted by gerg On 12:30 PM 2 comments
Unexpected blackout happened last Wed, lucky i was at home + just about to go out!.. time nih tak der nak fikir dan nyumpah seranah TNB bila lah electric nak on balik .. heheh..

Just ask my wife tambah speed sikit nak bersiap tu ... so drive to nearby freshwater aquarium beli batery powered bubble pump :D. cost me bout RM 13 .. cap aquarium .. hahah.. pump tapi nama dia aquarium .. apalaa kasik laaa cap pump jugak kan senang ... nanti jumpa yang tak kenal aquarium itu plak dia cakap aquarium cam mana? ampess tul

This time no need to rush sangat ... i was planned nak beli barangan dapur ealier, so beli dulu sebelum balik. On the way balik dari jauh dah nampak maca electric dah ok kot .. so rilek jek laa

Bila sampai bebetul kawasan tu .. aiyak .. belum lagi laaa .. lilin pon tak der .. ikan jugak dapat perhatian dulu dari tuan nya .. ampess ko ikan baik ko jangan mati! .. ahahh.. so reach home neighbour offer lilin :D .. laju jek laa ambil

Electric back after 9PM .. bout 3 hours .. no injuries, no life lost .. all ok ..
That a topic from Malaysia Marin Club, can check it here.

Anyway .. what i can say bout that? First of all .. this hobby not a destination but a journey :D .. so i'll never satisfy with it lol .. hehehe

So what i want it to be? May be something like RC Feb's TOTM?

Or may be like our Malaysia Community Tank Of The Month from Tailek ...

In short everyone wants the best for them.. so its will never ending journey ... In this situation i'm prefer to do proper planning .. yeah cause its will hurt my wallet sometimes my heart also when something go wrong!... so go slow .. dun speed

Ikan : Firefish, Hawkfish & Goby

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The latest fishes that i was bought last week

ini ikan yang bini aku gila gila .. :D .. dulu tak nak aku beli ikan nih .. tapi sayang punya pasal .. beli laa jugak akhirnya ..

Ni pon sama .. cantik katanya .. ambil lah


Ni lak untuk ganti goby sebelum nih yang ilang@mati tu

Water Parameter Check!

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ermm.. too bad.. i was not expecting the real problem for my phosphate level coming from my source water!!!..

So macam buat kije sia sia plak rasanya bila WC ...adding phosphate source to water lol ... ampess laa ..other parameter undetected which is good. I dun expect energy water machine not filter out phosphate .. so time to upgrade/downgrade to RO water ...yeye duit lagi .. but its can be delay abit since phospahe level in source water not high .. about 0.1 ppm.

Aquarium water parameter still same only see better NH4 reading instead of 1.0ppm now down to 0.5ppm.PO4 level still 1.0 ppm!

Time to search a give away chaeto for my refugium lol .. any1?

Kedai Ikan : Oceanic

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Soalan biasa mana nak carik kedai yg jual ikan laut nih? jawapan lawak .. kat pasar ada banyak ikan kembong etc .. hehehe..

Kalau duk kat area Puchong ada 2 kedai yang menjual ikan/coral/peralatan yang berkaitan dengan saltwater aquarium. Kalau nak pergi ke oceanic aquarium please refer bawah nya map. Kalau pergi ari nih ada shipment baru sampai oooOO .. apa lagi jom pergi tengok apa yg best :D

View Larger Map

New layout + New redirect URL

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WAS thinking not going to change blogger template.. tapi macam boring plak template tu .. tak sesuai ngan jiwa raga.

So semalam cuba cuba lah carik template tuk blogger ... this is the first template found and terus download.. tak perlu nak tunggu lama lama .. buang karan jek .... template nih dl dari FalconHive.com ... overall ok lah template nih .. senang laa jugak .. tak der part part yg memening kan kepala .. cuma ini 1st time .. slow laa sikit..

Selain dr template .. one of my friend gave me this link zonestraits.com for URL redirect.. very easy to register ..and the most important .. its .my domain :D. Jadi register lah satu domain tuk redirect .. dah lama tak terlibat ngan benda benda ni .. cam seronok plak .. ehehe

selain dari blogger normal url.. skarng dah ada http://nemo.is.tux.my .. heheh..

ok selamat

Setup not so according to plan

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So far plan untuk menternak coral agak lari sikit .. hehehe buat masa nih rancangan yang dah settle

2- Algae Scrubber
3- Phosban

Cuma sekarang nih masalah terlampau banyak life stock.. iskk banyak plak ikan ikan nih .. so waste ikan @ taik agak keterlaluan.

Ini telah menyebabkan ammonia dah naik ke 0.5-1.0 ppm dan phosphate 1.0 ppm .. nampak nya jauh lagi perjalanan untuk sampai next equipment upgrade. Buat masa ni terpaksa lah buat WC lebih banyak .. 20 gallon? atau pon lebih banyak lagik .. tapi mungkin susah jugak tu mungkin buat WC 20 gallon for several weeks follow by normal WC. Then decrease feeding amount .. kesian ko ikan and last sekali tunggu jek RDSB & Algae Scrubber fully functional.

So more light and chiller kena tunggu laa.. lagi pon mana nak cekau duit nak beli .. heheh bagus jugak.

Oceanic Visit : Feb 12

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What a boring day ... MC for today ... so not much thing todo. No work, no KT .. ehehe.. just sleep.

Wait for my wife home .. then go Oceanic .. kedai ikan laju jek dia. Already warned her no fish for today!.. i just plan to go shop for PO4 tester, Activated Carbon and ROWAPHOS.

Tapi apakan daya... she found the most wanted fish (in her list lol) ... so cannot complain much bout that.

So for today we bought
1- Phosban reactor (2nd hand unit)
3- Activated Carbon (Instant Ocean)
4- Sera PO4 Tester
5- 2x Firefish
6- Lyretail Wrasse
7- Sleeper Gold Head Goby

too many fishes already.. ermm hope they can survive in new home :D

Theres alot other fish like Anthias(multiple species) .. cannot afford this fish ... cantik tapi poket kena cantik jugak .. range from RM100 - RM500 each! .. so kalau mati cam mana? ahahah... so skip ..other fish, Nemo (tank bred) .. Tangs .. Wrasse .. Coral beauty, bleny also got but not really interested.

Since already bought PO4 tester.. so testlah satu kali .. the result was expected .. PO4 level very high 1.0ppm .. going to install phosban reactor this weekend along WC lagi .. penat jugak nih.. tengok lah cam mana .. mata sebelah dah merah .. nampak tak nampak jek .. selam satu kali dalam aquarium pon bagus jugak nih .. ehhehe

Diatom bloom week

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This week diatom bloom start! .. ermm i keep remind myself nothing to worry about this .. its also happened last time and its a must for newly tank setup :D

Right now brownish color only spread on sand bed .. so i think its not so critical compare to last year tank. Its spread all over sand and rock!.

The situation getting better today .. still have a lot of them but the color absolutely lighter compare to yesterday.

As for now .. i just reduced light period, super wet skimming and doing WC normally.Maybe next WC will siphon out diatom if its still there .. hopefully no lah ..

For Diatom reference :

Upgrade/Change Electrical wiring

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Ok dah rasa selamat sikit lepas upgrade electrical wiring ke aquarium. Sebelum nih just guna share fius dan juga small wire to aquarium plug.

Now has been upgrade to twice the ori size :D and dedicated fius.. all thanks to my neighbour Akmal to help todo the wiring at ECB. Tak mau dah kena electric shock .. tu kena jugak semalam .. ingat kan dah disconnect the wire.. rupa nya tak .. ampesss

Turbo Snail Died

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This snail was among the 1st batch fish/invert i bought for my first tank. Growth from 1/2 inch to almost 2 inch plus ...

Today.. its die .. dunno the exact reason .. maybe already old or not much algae to graze on :D

The only thing i know, its become very slow cleaner since this month compare to other snails that i have .. orang tua .. sakit belakang dah .. hehe

Now only left 2 snails .. going to buy more later!!

Maintainance @ Kije kije amal

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Normally to maintain this type of aquarium not as hard as people think!

Weekly (masa tukar air)
- change bout 10 gallon water (bersamaan 1 tong sampah 10 gallon air)
- change sponge
- siphon debris from sump/tank
- buang skim mate
- bilas apa yg patut kat dalam sump

- change activated carbon

Bila perlu
- lap cermin :D

semua tu biasanya tak der lah lama pon .. biasanya siphon dulu air ke longkang .. kalau ada jentik jentik confirm lemas.. masa lebih kurang 5 minit .. then masuk kan air yang baru guna siphon jugak sambil layan movie :D .. lebih kurang 5 minit jugak nak tunggu dia abis ...

selepas semua selesai .. on balik return pump macam biasa .. this time chromis are crazy chasing for pod i think.

Ikan : Update

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1 lompat + 2 MIA + 1 mati katak

1 ekor dah melompat keluar dari tank so far... tinggal tengkorak je bila dah jumpa .. ehheh..

Wrasse + Goby
2-2 ekor ikan nih ilang tatau kemana pergi .. mungkin dah mati ..

Sailfin Tangs
ikan ni confirm akan mati .. already told my wife since at kedai ikan .. sebab kecik sangat .. so dia mati katak kena buli other tangs!

New Update Life Stock

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My wife just added 2 more new fishes .. hrmm .. susah betul bila bawak gi kedai ikan nih :D

Just added
1- Sailfin Tangs
2- Hawkfish

both fishes are doing fine only baby sailfin tangs has been chased around the tank by brown tang. Not major issue since its only happen whenever sailfin go near brown tang only.

Berapa modal nak start?

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agak nya berapa ringgit nak start basic marine tank setup? tak sure myself .. hehhe

ok lets start item list with price

1- aquarium 2x1x1 - RM 50 (china mari)
2- garam 4kg (red sea) - RM 28 (mungkin lagi murah)
3- batu 10 kg - 10 x RM 8 - RM 80
4- pasir 15kg - 15 x RM 4 - RM 60 (tak perlu pon ok)
5- buble type skimmer - RM 10

Note : harga batu dan pasir tak sure, itu cuma anggaran, can be more expensive!

so total cost : RM 228

cost tu boleh kurang kan lagi dengan tengok forum, cari jek 2nd hand item, batu dengan pasir boleh dapat dalam 20-50 dengan jumlah lagi banyak dari kat atas tu. skimmer lagi canggih.. aquarium free pon ada :D .. tapi garam kenalah beli sendiri .. :D

Ikan : Cardinal Fish

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This cardinal fish has been with me around 1 year. So far dun have any problem and very hardy! .. has been bullied around 1st week in the tank and still doing great up to now.

Not much daily activity has been spotted, always stay at the same spot during day time and only swim around after light off.

Pajama Cardinal Fish

DIY : Remote Deep Sand Bed (RDSB)

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This time i decided to try RDSB method to maintain my nitrates level low.

- to keep low level of nitrate

Item used

- 1 x empty Red Sea (25kg) bucket
- 20kg fine sand
- 3 tank connector 15mm
- 4 elbow 15mm
- 15mm pipe secukup rasa
- atman 103 pump

- create 2 hole for return (i only have drill for 15mm ngam ngam) nak pakai 1 bigger return 25mm lagi bagus
- create 1 hole top (buat kat penutup)
- lastly plumb it together
- tadaaaa siap

- i just cycle it about 1 week until ammonia level 0ppm

- at the beginning, return water direct to last section of sump, but its create a lot of problem since a lot of sand dump into the sump and return back to aquarium.

- make return to 1st section of the sump.. problem solve! .. make sure put a sponge/sock filter at return to minimize sand entering to sump
- other solution decrease sand volume :D

Ikan : Wrasse

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since start i only have 2 different species for this fish. Previous 1 was sixliner, die after whole day blackout. Lesson learn .. buy battery powered air pump! .. hehe tak tau bila nak gi beli :D. 2nd species is red bar fairy wrasse.. until now still inside her cocoon .. last seen was yesterday .. dunno still alive or not!

Red bar fairy wrasse

from now on .. i might buy wrasse fish only

Ikan : Blenny & Goby

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These fish are great addition to my aquarium... agree they are a bit ugly and funny looks but its really help to keep my sand and rock clean.

Algae Blenny (LMB)

Diamond Goby/Orange spotted goby

Ikan : Clownfish

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Currently i've several clownfish species... tried to pair them up but failed. Either die because of fighting or not response well to feeding.

2x Ocellaris Clownfish

-1x Orange Skunk and 1x Pink Skunk

1x Clarkii clownfish

Ikan : Tang

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All the tangs has been around with me about 1 year. So far they dun have any serious issue regarding health, fighting etc.

The only problem they keep growing very fast specially blue tang. The health related issue regarding these tangs only white ich. This happened twice, once in very beginning after introduced to tank and one more after moving to new aquarium(blue tang only). Both has been handle by cleaner shrimp and strong antibody(think so) so they are ok after several days. The ich maybe related to stress issue when i introduced to new environment.

- 1x Yellow Tang

- 1x Blue Tang

- 1x brown tang

currently i just feed them with several type and brand of pallet and nori sheet. At the moment i just set auto feeder 2 times everyday and 1 manual feeding times :D. Normally each time they finish the food within 5 second!.. so its not much food given.IMO this is important to keep phosphate and ammonia level in check.

2009 ikan mati countdown!

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Ikan mati so far :

Today 29/01/09
- 1x cleaner shrimp - unknown reason

No date recorded
- 1x clownfish (fish used for testing water parameter)
- 1x chromis (dead after several hours, maybe tak sihat dah kot!)
- 1x turbo snail (dead after 1 hour in aquarium!!!)
- 1x cleaner shrimp (unknown, maybe has been attack by something after its mold (very vulnerable at this period)

list will be update again if mati lagi :D

2009 FOWLR

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New aquarium setup
- aquarium 4x2x2
- sump 3x1.5x1.5
- live rock (more than 40kg)
- fine sand (80kg)
- flow - return pump (5500 lph) + 2 x wave make (3000 lph)
- skimmer - weipro 2013 + rio 14
- DIY sulphur reactor
- 2x 54W T5 light (white + blue)

1- Cycle period
- 1 week + only (suppose to be at least 2 weeks!)
- water has been moved from old aquarium + new
- adding 1 spoon of sugar (do not follow!!)

2- Adding life stock
- adding chromis after several days cycle
- adding clownfish to test :D (since i think nemo the weakest + cheap fish to try)
- moving fish from old aquarium 1 by 1 for several days (after clownfish survive bout 4 days)

3- Things regret after setup
- overflow box locate at wrong side
- no proper electrical wiring setup

4- Planning
- Algae scrubber
- Refugium
- Phosban Reactor
- adding more 4x T5 light
- chiller

2008 FOWLR

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My previous marine FOWLR aquarium setup :

Tank Size : 2x1x1 footer
Sump Size : 2x1x1 footer
Flow : Atman 103 + 3000 lph wave maker
Skimmer : Boyu
Light : 2 x T5 (white + blue) + 2 x PL

This tank started since January 2008 till January 2009

Life Stock
- 1x Blue Tang
- 1x Yellow Tang
- 1x Brown Tang

- 1x Ocellaris Clownfish
- 1x Clarkii Clownfish

Cleanning Crew
- 1x Turbo Snail
- 1x Algae Blenny

Fish Lost since start:

Bad specimen
- 2x Ocellaris Clownfish
- 1x damsel

- 1x Clarkii Clownfish
- 1x Six Liner

Not suitable
- 1x Cleaner Fish

- 2x Turbo Snail
- 2x Cleaner Shrimp

- 1x star fish
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