Diatom still there!

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Its been there for a while now ... sesetengah tank akan mengalami diatom yang semakin banyak setiap hari tetapi berlainan dengan my current tank.

Everyday .. diatom will make its appearance during 1 or 2 first hour when the lights on and slowly disapear after that.

I'm still figure out what actually help this situation. So i'm thinking my 3 tangs and goby eats some of them since i dun provide much food for them.

Other than that.. all other possiblities is impossible! WHY? i'm still have high NH4 reading .. slowly decrease PO4 reading which is

- NH4 : 0.5ppm
- PO4 : 0.25ppm

Hopefully this diatom thing will gone or less after this cause its a bit annoying and looks bad.

Ads dominated blog?

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ahahha .. now i place ads from google and nuffnang at the top! .. higher than anything else.. haha never in my life put any ads in any of my website/blog.

So ni more to experimental purpose only ... more to see .. betul ke org click benda benda ads nih .. tapi setakat nih ada jugak melaun yg click(sorang jek laa) .. iskk .. korang nih .. anyway aku nya browser tak nampak ads tu .. hehehe..

so pakai lah firefox + adblock plus k ..

overall this ads in my blog .. not my idea.. someone just tell me .. "letak jek! dapat jugak duit minum kopi" .. ahhaha.. funny .. with 1 click so far not even can buy me air kosong lol ... i'm not sure how he can say that .. maybe click by himself? dunno ... please refer to terms before clicking on your owns ads :D

Hope someone can buy me a drink instead of waiting this ads can buy me a drink!

Good luck!

Recent Blackout

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Unexpected blackout happened last Wed, lucky i was at home + just about to go out!.. time nih tak der nak fikir dan nyumpah seranah TNB bila lah electric nak on balik .. heheh..

Just ask my wife tambah speed sikit nak bersiap tu ... so drive to nearby freshwater aquarium beli batery powered bubble pump :D. cost me bout RM 13 .. cap aquarium .. hahah.. pump tapi nama dia aquarium .. apalaa kasik laaa cap pump jugak kan senang ... nanti jumpa yang tak kenal aquarium itu plak dia cakap aquarium cam mana? ampess tul

This time no need to rush sangat ... i was planned nak beli barangan dapur ealier, so beli dulu sebelum balik. On the way balik dari jauh dah nampak maca electric dah ok kot .. so rilek jek laa

Bila sampai bebetul kawasan tu .. aiyak .. belum lagi laaa .. lilin pon tak der .. ikan jugak dapat perhatian dulu dari tuan nya .. ampess ko ikan baik ko jangan mati! .. ahahh.. so reach home neighbour offer lilin :D .. laju jek laa ambil

Electric back after 9PM .. bout 3 hours .. no injuries, no life lost .. all ok ..
That a topic from Malaysia Marin Club, can check it here.

Anyway .. what i can say bout that? First of all .. this hobby not a destination but a journey :D .. so i'll never satisfy with it lol .. hehehe

So what i want it to be? May be something like RC Feb's TOTM?

Or may be like our Malaysia Community Tank Of The Month from Tailek ...

In short everyone wants the best for them.. so its will never ending journey ... In this situation i'm prefer to do proper planning .. yeah cause its will hurt my wallet sometimes my heart also when something go wrong!... so go slow .. dun speed

Ikan : Firefish, Hawkfish & Goby

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The latest fishes that i was bought last week

ini ikan yang bini aku gila gila .. :D .. dulu tak nak aku beli ikan nih .. tapi sayang punya pasal .. beli laa jugak akhirnya ..

Ni pon sama .. cantik katanya .. ambil lah


Ni lak untuk ganti goby sebelum nih yang ilang@mati tu

Water Parameter Check!

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ermm.. too bad.. i was not expecting the real problem for my phosphate level coming from my source water!!!..

So macam buat kije sia sia plak rasanya bila WC ...adding phosphate source to water lol ... ampess laa ..other parameter undetected which is good. I dun expect energy water machine not filter out phosphate .. so time to upgrade/downgrade to RO water ...yeye duit lagi .. but its can be delay abit since phospahe level in source water not high .. about 0.1 ppm.

Aquarium water parameter still same only see better NH4 reading instead of 1.0ppm now down to 0.5ppm.PO4 level still 1.0 ppm!

Time to search a give away chaeto for my refugium lol .. any1?

Kedai Ikan : Oceanic

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Soalan biasa mana nak carik kedai yg jual ikan laut nih? jawapan lawak .. kat pasar ada banyak ikan kembong etc .. hehehe..

Kalau duk kat area Puchong ada 2 kedai yang menjual ikan/coral/peralatan yang berkaitan dengan saltwater aquarium. Kalau nak pergi ke oceanic aquarium please refer bawah nya map. Kalau pergi ari nih ada shipment baru sampai oooOO .. apa lagi jom pergi tengok apa yg best :D

View Larger Map

New layout + New redirect URL

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WAS thinking not going to change blogger template.. tapi macam boring plak template tu .. tak sesuai ngan jiwa raga.

So semalam cuba cuba lah carik template tuk blogger ... this is the first template found and terus download.. tak perlu nak tunggu lama lama .. buang karan jek .... template nih dl dari FalconHive.com ... overall ok lah template nih .. senang laa jugak .. tak der part part yg memening kan kepala .. cuma ini 1st time .. slow laa sikit..

Selain dr template .. one of my friend gave me this link zonestraits.com for URL redirect.. very easy to register ..and the most important .. its .my domain :D. Jadi register lah satu domain tuk redirect .. dah lama tak terlibat ngan benda benda ni .. cam seronok plak .. ehehe

selain dari blogger normal url.. skarng dah ada http://nemo.is.tux.my .. heheh..

ok selamat

Setup not so according to plan

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So far plan untuk menternak coral agak lari sikit .. hehehe buat masa nih rancangan yang dah settle

2- Algae Scrubber
3- Phosban

Cuma sekarang nih masalah terlampau banyak life stock.. iskk banyak plak ikan ikan nih .. so waste ikan @ taik agak keterlaluan.

Ini telah menyebabkan ammonia dah naik ke 0.5-1.0 ppm dan phosphate 1.0 ppm .. nampak nya jauh lagi perjalanan untuk sampai next equipment upgrade. Buat masa ni terpaksa lah buat WC lebih banyak .. 20 gallon? atau pon lebih banyak lagik .. tapi mungkin susah jugak tu mungkin buat WC 20 gallon for several weeks follow by normal WC. Then decrease feeding amount .. kesian ko ikan and last sekali tunggu jek RDSB & Algae Scrubber fully functional.

So more light and chiller kena tunggu laa.. lagi pon mana nak cekau duit nak beli .. heheh bagus jugak.

Oceanic Visit : Feb 12

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What a boring day ... MC for today ... so not much thing todo. No work, no KT .. ehehe.. just sleep.

Wait for my wife home .. then go Oceanic .. kedai ikan laju jek dia. Already warned her no fish for today!.. i just plan to go shop for PO4 tester, Activated Carbon and ROWAPHOS.

Tapi apakan daya... she found the most wanted fish (in her list lol) ... so cannot complain much bout that.

So for today we bought
1- Phosban reactor (2nd hand unit)
3- Activated Carbon (Instant Ocean)
4- Sera PO4 Tester
5- 2x Firefish
6- Lyretail Wrasse
7- Sleeper Gold Head Goby

too many fishes already.. ermm hope they can survive in new home :D

Theres alot other fish like Anthias(multiple species) .. cannot afford this fish ... cantik tapi poket kena cantik jugak .. range from RM100 - RM500 each! .. so kalau mati cam mana? ahahah... so skip ..other fish, Nemo (tank bred) .. Tangs .. Wrasse .. Coral beauty, bleny also got but not really interested.

Since already bought PO4 tester.. so testlah satu kali .. the result was expected .. PO4 level very high 1.0ppm .. going to install phosban reactor this weekend along WC lagi .. penat jugak nih.. tengok lah cam mana .. mata sebelah dah merah .. nampak tak nampak jek .. selam satu kali dalam aquarium pon bagus jugak nih .. ehhehe

Diatom bloom week

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This week diatom bloom start! .. ermm i keep remind myself nothing to worry about this .. its also happened last time and its a must for newly tank setup :D

Right now brownish color only spread on sand bed .. so i think its not so critical compare to last year tank. Its spread all over sand and rock!.

The situation getting better today .. still have a lot of them but the color absolutely lighter compare to yesterday.

As for now .. i just reduced light period, super wet skimming and doing WC normally.Maybe next WC will siphon out diatom if its still there .. hopefully no lah ..

For Diatom reference :

Upgrade/Change Electrical wiring

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Ok dah rasa selamat sikit lepas upgrade electrical wiring ke aquarium. Sebelum nih just guna share fius dan juga small wire to aquarium plug.

Now has been upgrade to twice the ori size :D and dedicated fius.. all thanks to my neighbour Akmal to help todo the wiring at ECB. Tak mau dah kena electric shock .. tu kena jugak semalam .. ingat kan dah disconnect the wire.. rupa nya tak .. ampesss

Turbo Snail Died

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This snail was among the 1st batch fish/invert i bought for my first tank. Growth from 1/2 inch to almost 2 inch plus ...

Today.. its die .. dunno the exact reason .. maybe already old or not much algae to graze on :D

The only thing i know, its become very slow cleaner since this month compare to other snails that i have .. orang tua .. sakit belakang dah .. hehe

Now only left 2 snails .. going to buy more later!!

Maintainance @ Kije kije amal

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Normally to maintain this type of aquarium not as hard as people think!

Weekly (masa tukar air)
- change bout 10 gallon water (bersamaan 1 tong sampah 10 gallon air)
- change sponge
- siphon debris from sump/tank
- buang skim mate
- bilas apa yg patut kat dalam sump

- change activated carbon

Bila perlu
- lap cermin :D

semua tu biasanya tak der lah lama pon .. biasanya siphon dulu air ke longkang .. kalau ada jentik jentik confirm lemas.. masa lebih kurang 5 minit .. then masuk kan air yang baru guna siphon jugak sambil layan movie :D .. lebih kurang 5 minit jugak nak tunggu dia abis ...

selepas semua selesai .. on balik return pump macam biasa .. this time chromis are crazy chasing for pod i think.

Ikan : Update

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1 lompat + 2 MIA + 1 mati katak

1 ekor dah melompat keluar dari tank so far... tinggal tengkorak je bila dah jumpa .. ehheh..

Wrasse + Goby
2-2 ekor ikan nih ilang tatau kemana pergi .. mungkin dah mati ..

Sailfin Tangs
ikan ni confirm akan mati .. already told my wife since at kedai ikan .. sebab kecik sangat .. so dia mati katak kena buli other tangs!

New Update Life Stock

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My wife just added 2 more new fishes .. hrmm .. susah betul bila bawak gi kedai ikan nih :D

Just added
1- Sailfin Tangs
2- Hawkfish

both fishes are doing fine only baby sailfin tangs has been chased around the tank by brown tang. Not major issue since its only happen whenever sailfin go near brown tang only.
It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.