Whats on the list...

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Ah musim pergi kedai aquarium ikan lagi .. ehheh

So what on my list for coral shopping ... anyway i'll not buy these corals for a 1 shot! .. me not enough vitamin "M" to buy all LOL... so its just like a plan ... lets wait and see

Mushroom Coral
- Red - bought
- Green stripe - bought
- Blue

- clove
- pipe organ
- evergreen starburst - bought

Soft Coral
- Toadstool

- brain coral - bought
- bubble coral - bought

ermm .. not really know how much the total cost ... but im sure its costly! ... lets go slow slow ;)

So the plan .. i will try for hardy and easy coral 1st before going to the next ... ah so far the 3 mushrooms coral doing just great! its give me a bit confident :D

Moving chiller

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Ah finally got time to move the chiller to outside... cannot tahan already the heat produced by the chiller .. very hot! ..

Beside that .. the sound of the chiller also a bit annoying.. since i dun have a big drill .. need to ask indon help to do that for me .. ehhe... so after that .. start doing plumbing .. ah .. fail lah skill

the result not very nice tho!.. hhehahha .. but its ok lah .. as long as its serve the purpose and not make made bout the sound and heat .. then i dun care bout the looks.

now i can enjoy the better chilling speed .. not like before .. chiller chill the aquarium .. and aircond chill the chiller ... what a waste of energy lol

now its up and running!

Update on skimmer

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Today bangun pagi ... lepak jap lepas tu terus gi DIY shop .. beli apa yang patut.

After check apa yang tak cukup .. trosss jalan tak banyak cerita .. so beli hose 25mm 2 meter (saje je beli panjang sikit) + elbow (alah yg paip nya tu) + apa nama dia tu yg dr besar ke kecil nya + connector ke apa nama dia.

connector and elbow need mod since the ori sure cannot fit sump cause it will added too much length.. so apa lagi .. gergaji lah .. potong jek agak agak ngam ..

after settle all the mod .. pasang and test run .. since not detected any leaking .. terus masukkan dalam sump and test run lagi sekali ..

disebabkan ruang kerja kat sump sempit nak mampus ... so injured myself along the process .. never realize that LOL .. maybe too excited :D

the photos will follow later .. now just tired! and no camera battery to take pic .. esok lah

and will call indon tmr or next day to ask them do another piping to chiller. I'll place it outside my house since the air from chiller its just too hot!

New Equipment Update

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So now its confirm! .. bought

1- Beckett Skimmer 8" .. its big and tall!!
2- 2 x MH + 2x Arcadia Purple FL
3- 2 T5
4- Resun Chiller

Only chiller running so far .. other item need to store first until i'm free.

For the skimmer .. already remove 1 compartment in sump .. so now its can fit into sump .. damn tired! will continue tomorrow for running test... ermm need to buy piping for that and maybe need modification to fit into sump! and maybe need redo other piping esp for my FR and RDSB.

Hope everything going ok

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Just bought new Beckett skimmer + other lighting fixtures and chiller tooo ...

i think the better term for that is booking instead of order or bought lol ... something my wife should better not knowing till reach home :D .. otherwise abis ehheeheh

i can't resist since its a very damn good buy, something that i consider hard to believe cheap! so without thinking twice .. call that guy and confirm :D

lets wait till the items arrive and update again on that

Finally connect tru streamyx!

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After a about 1 month with streamyx problem .. now manage to online using streamyx!

And finally that guy came to fix ... lucky at home today so no more stupid reason. Anyway i dun know that guy is "OKU" since he dun have both hand ... but for me its not a ticket to lie!

Hopefully no more problem .. tired of stupid connectivity problem anymore!

Streamyx memang cam celaka!

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Streamyx Sucks
ahaha .. aku pon tatau cam mana nak describe tahap kesabaran yg dah hapir sebulan streamyx macam hampes @ tak leh connect langsung

Starting from early last month .. connection always dc (already make a report) but not action :D ... again ada buat report lagi sekali seminggu selepas tu ... pon sama kali nih part yang paling macam gampang .. tatau lah orang orang nih buat kerja ke saje jek curi tulang.

Urutan report/complain
  • 1st day call buat report ... cam biasa 100 support tanya apa masalah .. so cakap connection always drop and now dc cant connect!
  • 2nd day ... call lagi .. tanya bila nak settle ... ok jawapan nya benda ni kena bagi 2 hari berkerja untuk settle .. ok fine ..
  • 3rd day .. call lagi .. tanya amacam dah settle ke? sebab tak leh pon connect nih .. dengan selamba support tu cakap report sebelum tu dah settle .. SETTLE KEPALA HOTAK KO! .. kalau dah settle tak der plak aku call. OK dia cakap nak kena buat report baru!!! apa jadah report baru? yang lama tak settle ko cakap settle .. call ke apa confirm tak ada .. now new report which has to wait another 2 days!!! WTF!!
  • since no choice layan laaaa
  • 4th day .. call lagi .. dia cakap akan settle ari nih .. hantar technician .. tapi batang hidung pon tak nampak
  • malam call lagi .. tanya benda sama .. dan jawapan dia pon sama KENA TUNGGU 2 HARI BEKERJA .. damn u .. 4 hari berkerja dah!
  • 5ft day .. call lagi .. tanya soalan sama .. jawapan dia agak best .. cakap techinician dah datang ke "KEDAI" dan berkunci .. WHAT A STUPID REASON!!! .. 1st its not kedai .. rumah laa bongok .. 2nd I"M WORKING FROM HOME!!! dun lie to me that u came here!!! .. 3rd u have phone my phone no! .. why dun u give a call before came here? stupid moron.
  • Then that support girl quickly corrected the comment... erkk aa rumah rumah bukan kedai .. then i ask about the reason 2nd and 3rd reason above .. AND again correct his comment said the technician guy went to "port box" tatau apa nama yg tepi jalan tu .. SO I ASKED HER.... APA JADAH COMMENT ASYIK BERTUKAR? .. KALAU PERGI KE BOX TU.. DALAM TU ADA ORANG KE? since the first comment said nobody and locked!
  • They gave technician office phone no and ask to call them directly
  • Next day call lagi .. and looking for person name "NIZAM" since he added those stupid comment before in the report!.. the india guy pick a phone gave the his no ..
  • Call this NIZAM .. and he said will come to my house around 1pm
  • i did asked him .. tau tak kat mana rumah nih? and the answer was .. ya tau tau .. yang dekat hospital tu kan? and my answer was .. Tak ada hospital kat sini.... Aaa yaya ada client name Rozita nak kena buat cable kat situ .. nanti saya pergi situ sekali ...
  • anyway .. he never showed up and never pick up the phone after that. Call lagi 100 .. argue lagi pasal stupid service.. and not only line is lembab .. also the response and ALL ARE SUPER CIPAN LEMBAB.
  • 100 support promise to call him .. so i just let it be .. after a while .. got a return call from TM that guy will come ..
  • so call again on the next day .. this time they send another guy to fix it .. so its went back online with a disconnection for every 3-5 mins!!
  • lodge another report again ..
  • ingatkan modem .. ampesss .. dorang punya line lagi laaaa .....macam gampang
  • This is the 4th week since 1st report .. on moday after work .. try to cnnect again ... DAMN!! NOT AGAIN!!
  • now the argue with 100 support call back to square 1 .. they close a report even that problem is not solved! and create a new report so that i have to wait another 2 days in every report created!... so for the last report this week .. its already 3rd report they created for a latest problem!!... WTF!
  • till now no connection
so for now cant do anything .. the agreement also make a user cannot terminate account before time limit ..

just wonder why streamyx not efficient at all handling user complain ..
  1. close a report even not solved (not call the user for confirmation)
  2. close a report also even not solved (call user for confirmation)
  3. what the hell 2 days limit? the technician simply put already fix even not fix it .. and put "immaginary comment" ...
  4. why the technician cannot call the user before come?
  5. why no confirmation call while work on the problem
  6. why must CHEAT the user and thiking that user is stupid
  7. and the best for all .. why make a appointment when cant commit
  8. and please answer the call when we call
and for now ... the reason is .. cable putus because of contruction site nearby ... AND the question to them .. why only me cant connect? while others can? ITS NOT A CABLE PUTUS LAAAA BENGONG!!! .. kalau putus semua orang pon tak boleh laaa .. kalau ye pon putus gila lama korang nak betul kan ..

Anyway banyak benda tak cerita kat atas tu ... macam soalan bodoh derang tanya .. ada ke patut tanya aku "APASAL TAK BOLEH EH?" .. dapat sebijik laa dia ... "SAYA TAK BEKERJA DENGAN STREAMYX ... MANA LAH SAYA TAU"

As for the result from their so call fixed for previous problem .. was from bad to worst
  1. at the beginning - connection always drop
  2. DSL line drop (no dsl light at modem) - but still make/receive call
  3. no dsl line and no phone tone
  4. With DSL line but connection drop almost 3-5 mins (only stable at certain time)
  5. DSL line light ok .. but cant connect + noise phone line. (current problem)
Update for today
  • semalam cakap today will solved .. 1st call said 6/7 akan solved .. selepas penat membebel .. agak nya dia drop call tu so kena call laa balik
  • dapat peluang lagi sekali membebel ... hehe.. this time they said .. technician will make appointment esok .. WTF .. esok drang cuti .. nak datang konon jangan harap!!! .. kalau ye pon nak datang esok tak boleh call ke client tu a day sebelum datang? main redah jek ... pastuh nanti cakap dah datang lagi ... datang gi kedai .. ahahahha...
  • lousy

This the no that u can call (technician) for Saujana Putra and Klang area
  • nizam - 013 234 1346 .. you are lucky if he pickup the call or solve your problem.. instead he will added to your report he came to your shop and lock :D (even tho its a house)
  • Office - 03-80241445 and 03-33744893
  • kamal - 013 676 9273
  • razak - 013-3503669 - i'm never call this no yet .. dunno
Lastly for streamyx support/technician dun ask user any stupid question/comment like
  • "encik guna connection manual ke auto?" dah sah guna 2-2 kalau dah try cam macam tak leh connect
  • i simply said manual .. i tried all already .. without router.. auto .. manual .. direct .. change cable.. change modem .. change notebook also .. all same stupid cant connect!
  • "manual tu macam mana tu encik?" another stupid question i think
  • boleh ping ? ping etc etc etc .. the problem not related to that ... please do something else!!! if you are saying that is you troubleshoot to my problem ... i cant imagine how stupid u are!
  • also dun give a comment said "saya dah hubungi pihak technician dan benda ini akan di selesaikan secepat mungkin" .. what no u call? can give me a number? when i asked that question u cant give me the no saying that the technician do not provided the no to call.. so HOW DO U CALLED HIM? AND SAID TO ME THAT THEY WILL SOLVED THAT?
  • and dun ask me how and why cant connect .. told u already .. that your job! i already cooporate as much as i can.
  • dun ever said u solved it while its NOT! .. tak marah pon jadi marah
  • dun ever lie to customer that u came to his house while u were not!
Why i'm really mad?
  • im using the internet todo my work (i'm working from home)
  • i have damn alot of work to do this month which has to finish up damn fast!
  • yes i have other connection to do my work (maxis 3g and dialup) but it also suck and not solving the streamyx problem.
  • its ok to delay IF they want to pay my salary
  • answer to my boss while im not able to finish the work within given time. (i need to work on server... so need internet connection!)
  • because all the excuses not make sense at all!!!
  • treat me very damn stupid ... like i dun know anything.. and like i dun communicate with the other people within this area.
It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.