Biopellet - End of 1st month

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During the first month of using this new product, seem have a little overall improvement which:

PO4 - remain undetected (i doubt it, maybe related to test kit not able to give correct reading)
NO3 - down from 25ppm to 10ppm

These two reading directly cause better water visibility and more clearer. Other than these, the most important thing that i want to archive is give better/more food to aquarium inhabitant. So compare to twice daily, now its up to 4x daily (pallet), 1x liquid food (zoo + phyto), 1x in 2 days (nori) and once a week chopped shrimp + cyclopeeze.

While that certainly a good improvement, but certain area like reactor need to shake/clean within 2 or 3 days, make my life with these pellet a bit irritating. After got some idea from other forumer, decided to modified the reactor. Since then there is no more reactor clog.

The overall improvement also can be seen thru algae on glass. The need to clean glass panel several times per week has been reduced to just once a week (even tho is less still need to be clean for a better view :D). Anyway its also effected the chaeto population. Chaeto volume decrease a bout half of the original size. Its looks good but its created more job for pump cleaning! dead chaeto clogging all the pumps include wave maker! which is make overall performance for all pumps reduced! I wish i do not have to remove it cause it good for pods population. Let see how this thing going at the later stage.

Fishes health not give me any issues as for now, i believe they doing well. As for coral, there is slight changes in open brain coral which is not open up since pellet has been introduced. Not sure what the causes, but believe its related to a better visibility? not sure need more info on this.

Since im having RDSB, i believe its going to take a longer time to completely reduced NO3. This is related to hidden nutrient trap within the RDSB. I believe this situation also apply to other carbon dosing method.

On the other note, i'm not having bacteria bloom like others experience. Not sure if its a good thing or bad. But i'm ok with it as long as its gave me a better result.

Below the summary of my pellet installation:
- 500ml NP Biopellet
- Phosban 150 reactor
- Eheim 1002 compact pump
- output directly to Beckett Skimmer's pump

Other than that, weekly water change is must(this is what i believe) cause it will help to restore other parameter like trace element, Ca, KH etc.

Live rock sales???

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Read as "JUALAN BATU MURAH"... Damn its true! .. this is probably the first time i heard about it ... and yes its cheaper compare to a normal price that we always seen in any of LFS :D

Currently one of Malaysia Marine Club sponsor having a sales for that until 31st Aug. For more info maybe can refer to this thread.

Aquatic World
12, Jalan 7/32A, Off Batu 6 1/2 Jalan kepong,
Kepong, 52100 KL.

Believe its good if u having a new tank or upgrading to a bigger tank? its just too late for me to buy any of those ;)

Great video of Cnidarian Lifeforms

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Cnidarian Lifeforms from Delrious on Vimeo.

This video taken from Reef Builders

GV Clam & Sea horse shipment

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Singgah GV kejap tadi on way beli susu anak =D, saw a lot of new clams and sea horses. Not sure when these arrived, but as for time i visited still have about 2 tanks of clams, size is vary from small to medium.

If not mistaken the its a Crocea Clam. For more info about this clam, please visit this link. Since nothing to tapau back .. i bough 1 of the clam, never try this before but from various of reading, the clam not really need to be feed. Its even helping taking nutrient in tank, so i think its cool for now. The only important thing need to consider is lighting cause its required very high light.

And for the seahorse, please read its requirement, dos and donts before purchase it

NP Biopellets Updates

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Day 28
- WC
- Install new auto feeder
- Clean skimmer's cup
- modified phosban reactor (remove upper section inside reactor and moving the bottom part up) resulted super fast moving pellet. Since its just too fast, decrease pump speed about half
- NO3 - no changes
- PO4 - detected, color indication very light compare to nearest 0.1 ppm (believe its a good thing since NO3 will not reduced if no PO4)

Day 26
- no changes for NO3 and PO4 reading
- shaking reactor

Day 23
- NO3 - 10ppm (lighter than 10ppm color indication)
- PO4 - undetected
- Skimmate - light green with a lot of foam

Day 20
- NO3 - 10ppm (maybe less cause color indicator is lighter) time to change to salifert
- PO4 - undetected (no changes)
- doing WC
- cleaning return pump
- reactor pump seem clog very fast, need to clean and stir the reactor in every 2-3 days (something i dun expect)
- adding 2 vial Bioptim

Day 19
- NO3 - 10ppm, 1st time showing some improvement
- PO4 - undetected
- Coral health - overall is ok except brain coral not opening
- Fish Health - no changes
- lower chiller temp to 25C instead of 26C cause 26C will causing the chiller will kick in at 28C, by doing 25C its always kick in when 26C (dun ask me why its different, i dun know why)
- blow of some ditrius from rock using small pump

Day 18
- clean pump again
- adding the rest of 500ml bio pellet into reactor
- NO3 - 25ppm (no changes)
- PO4 - undetected (no changes)

Day 15
- clean feeder pump to reactor (water flow increase back)
- Water change and skimmer cup maintenance
- NO3 - 25ppm (no changes)
- PO4 - undetected (no changes)

Day 14
- NO3 - 25ppm (no changes)
- PO4 - undetected (no changes)
- Chaeto growth reduced by half
- Open brain not opening like before.
- skim mate consider same

7 days after
- no reading changed for NO3 still at 25ppm
- po4 - still undetected
- add more bio digest
- add more bio pellet

3 days
- NO3 - 25ppm
- PO4 - undetected
- increase feeding times
- re introduced liquid food

1st Day NP Biopellet

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Just installed NP Biopellet today... beside that doing normal water change today and removed connected RDSB bucket.

The only thing left in the sump right now just skimmer, chaeto and NP Biopellet.

So for a start the reading for water parameter

NO3 - 25ppm
PO4 - undetected

And for the NP Bio pellet reside in my reactor power by Eheim 1000 compact pump. Even tho i bought 500ml NP Bio pellet, but i just put 1/4 of the volume right now. I'll increase the volume up to my targeted later.

Other than that, i just add 1 ampule of bio digest, hope its can increase bacteria growth ;)
It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.