The Algae Story

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Begin to re-read again about the algae thing since its suddenly appear in my tank. As far i understand not all algae is bad but some is very very unpleasant.

There are several way to prevent algae overgrown in tank
  • avoid direct sunlight
  • light period less than 10-12 hours/day
  • lower nutrient level by doing partial WC regularly
  • use RO/DI water
  • keep algae eater in the tank
  • change light bulb before expired date
Brown Algae
So let begin with brown algae or diatom, this normally appear on newly setup tank. The cause are mainly from silica. Since silica is higher than other element like phosphate, brown algae will out compete green algae.

Normally this will not last long, it will disappear after silica is lower than phosphate or not detected. This type of algae is not dangerous just a bit unpleasant to watch.

Green Algae
After sometime green algae will grow, this is because of phosphate exist in the water. Some of snail/fish will take care of this. Or just use glass cleaner to take it off.

This is actually a group of photosynthesis bacteria. It may occur in any condition, either low nitrate or high nutrient tank. This type of algae should be remove quickly by siphon it out. So far i dun think got any fish/snail which are going to eat this :D

As far as my tank is concern, i'm going to change my T5 light bulb. Hope its was the other causes which contribute to brown algae growth.

Sudden ammonia spike!

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Very bad week for the tank... sudden ammonia spike to 1.0 been worried me. Not sure what the main cause. Believe it was cause by dead Anthias and several corals before. Maybe causing by mini rock arrangement? I dun know...

Just realize this bout last week during the water changed.. already done several WC as for now. Now its worsen with another ugly thing appear on the sand :( brown algae! ... yet another coral die! Not sure if its die because of something else but ammonia spike sure 1 of the main cause.

The only good thing .. other parameters are stable... hope its not as serious as i think.

Have to do more WC after this ... damn its tiring! Bought another big big "tong sampah" to store more water change. Will continue on tomorrow or this weekend ...

Mag-Flip is here

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Went to Oceanic Aquarium today and saw this aquarium glass cleaner being sold there... i was reading its review few months ago and decide .. i want this =D

But be honest im not buying it yet cause what i need more on better scrapper ... so its traditional way is better i think.

So what is this Mag-Flip thing? may be can view the following video how this thing works.

So its a 2 in 1 scrapper and glass cleaner. The good thing about this product, user dun have to wet our hand like we normally do by using scrapper.

I'm going to get this thing when budget is permitted ;)

Butterfly fish vs Aiptasia

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Last time i posted bout the Aptasia X product from Red Sea. At that time i only have several visible aptasia ... more or less than 5.

So decide to use it. Since then the aptasia problem become more troublesome.They grow everywhere and fast!. I'm almost give up! so i went to try natural way. Either using shrimp or butterfly fish...

Since i have hawk fish in the tank, shrimp will not an option. Cause it will become a dinner for this hawk fish. So have to try copperband butterfly fish. The only problem is this fish will die after all his food is finish.

Either i kill 1 butterfly fish to save the whole tank or lost all? so i choose to introduce the fish. Lucky during this time got a lot of this fish at GV. So bought one at a cost lower than Aiptasia X.

In the 1st week introduced this fish into tank, it has been chase everywhere by tangs =D luckily it was ok .. not injured or anything. In the beginning the fish not even pick on the aiptasia, its went to eat all fan worms!

But its lucky after 2/3 weeks ... its starting to pick on aiptasia... up until now this fish already eaten all aiptasia i can see. And the good thing this fish still alive even no more aiptasia more than 2 weeks. I believe its just a matter of time it will die starving.

Balik Kampung

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Balik kampung bout a week ... usual checking on tank before that already did. But still lost some...

So lost 1 fish and 2 corals... anyway already expect that fish to die cause hardly take pallet.

1- Anthias

1- torch coral
2- some blastos because of falling to sand

Went to GV to and add several small new coral
1- torch coral
2- skin polyps
3- very small carpet anemone

My Latest

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Latest view from my tank .. still long way to go!

Save the Coral Reefs

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It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.