March Update

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Been busy and lazy to update... too many other thing todo ... too much work? ... some of the excuses of course hehehe. Anyway so far the tank maintenance.. WC etc has not been neglected yet... so its cool but i really dun have anything to add/post bout new addition to the tank.

Lets start with a salt brand that i recently used. In early days, i used Red Sea salt then followed by Instant Ocean until last month. Been battling with low Ca level since and later required to always add additional Ca buffer... even thou doing some correction by several wc but its not help much! the weekly wc not able to keep up with the update. So rather than nyusahkan diri with dosing Ca, now trying with other salt brand which have higher Ca compare to IO. So far Red Sea Coral Pro giving some positive feedback after 1 month. Without testing the Ca level in the tank, the growth of my SPS is noticeable compare to before. The only bad thing i think intermittent red slim algae which is not necessary  causing by the salt itself... anyway the algae not really bother me at all cause its just exist in very small number and only at one place. Maybe because of the dead spot.

One of anthias i think undergoing sex transformation. The color slowly change to male version now which is from orange to pink... but its not too obvious as to date. Will keep posted bout this. The copperband still live strong and fat! love this fish... right now the only food taken is frozen food. Brine and mysis shrimp become his only food right now. So for now can say good bye for aiptasia. The doctor fish also still alive.. too early to tell if it will thrived in the tank... so far its bout 3 months let see what happened after several months more. But i'm happy this fish eat and social well with other tank mate ;)

I also stopping NP Biopellet for awhile now, not because of the product not effective or what so ever... i just very lazy to go LFS to buy a new stock.. hehehe thats the only reason for temp stop. Will start again once i buy a new stock.

Other than above ... most of the free time has been spend for shopping/window shopping etc etc for a next newborn. Because of this .. now WC time been change to monday instead of normal saturday ... hehhe.. penat woo

Sex on beach!

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Checkout this video from National Geographic bout annual march of beach spawning grunion.

It is basically an escape. Also as a soothing element to relax in stressful environments. Some believe that seeing fish swim about helps us to forget our worries and ease our minds.